Benefits of Ordering Fresh Seafood From Online Stores

It enables service providers to quickly grasp the current and future state of the industry. To be successful in the market, it is critical to examine various aspects of the industry and adjust them as needed. These tools assist you in locating and distributing resources based on your needs. All of this adds up to time and money savings for you. There are a few tools that might assist you in forecasting future earnings and sales. The most efficient way to boost efficiency is to use AI-enabled online delivery software when ordering fresh seafood by Fish Me.

What are the benefits of ordering fish via the internet?

The following are some of the advantages of purchasing fish online:

  • Time-Saving: You won’t have to travel far to get the meat you want. Simply choose your products and place an online order via
  • Money is saved because: If you reside in a tier-1 metro city, you have two challenges when it comes to getting fish: high car/bike parking charges and severe traffic caused by rising gas prices per litre.
  • You will receive the net weight since the meat is weighed after it has been cleaned and unwanted parts removed.

Texture and Firmness

The hardness and texture of the flesh should be checked next. You can tell how solid and springy a fresh piece of fish or lobster is by softly pressing it. The muscle fibres should be visible if you look attentively. The flesh should feel dry, not moist when you touch it. If the meat is soft to the touch and does not spring back, it is most likely aged beef.

Check the prawns in a proper manner

The feel of fresh fish flesh is soft, firm, and somewhat bouncy. If the meat seems mushy or flabby, it is not fresh. The meat of fresh prawns is relatively tough. It might be old if it appears to be extremely firm or hard.

Odour or Smell

The fragrance of the meat is the second most reliable predictor of its freshness. Poultry flesh is typically odourless, but in rare situations, it can have a mild meaty odour. There is no odour to fresh fish. Rinse the fish with water if any odours appear. If the stink persists, the fish is most likely not fresh.

Examine it twice before cooking

Lobster acts in a similar manner. Lobster that hasn’t developed an odour is still fresh. The aroma of red meat is distinct from that of a goat or lamb, and should not be mistaken with that of such animals. Make sure any fresh meat you buy doesn’t have a bad or unpleasant odour before you buy it.


To guarantee that all food safety regulations are satisfied, every packaged meat product must have a Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) certified label on it. This is also why you should avoid purchasing meat from a butcher shop since the quality of the meat cannot be assured. You must be very careful before you cook the seafood as it might look different and have some smell but it is fresh and good.