7 Factors to Identify Your Dentist Is a Bad Practitioner

We always make an effort to think positively of others and that includes our dental practitioners too. But many a time, we have witnessed many instances involving dentists accused of malpractice. So, instead of visiting a dentist blindly, it’s better to know about the practitioner and the clinic before going ahead with any kind of procedure. Several red flags that you may discover while searching for the best dentist for you and your family include the following:

  • Untidy office

You enter the office before meeting any of the staff or the dentist. Take a moment to look around you. Dust-free, shiny, and smudge-free surfaces are what you should be looking at. Even office spaces built a long time ago with not-so-new carpeting and furniture styles can be kept nice and organized to create a welcoming atmosphere. A clean bathroom is also a good indicator that the clinic maintains a hygiene room. If you notice the opposite, take your call.

  • Impolite staff

Competent dentists will employ people who highly reflect them. Given the fear many patients have about visiting the dentist, welcoming staff goes a long way toward making patients feel at ease even before they see the dentist.

  • Your child’s unfavorable reaction

When looking for a pediatric dentist to care for kids and teens ensure that the children are present throughout the consultation (as soon as they reach the age to give you indications). They need to feel comfortable around the dentist and the staff. Children at ease with their dental professionals are more likely to maintain good oral health throughout adulthood. You can visit Dublin Dental Care to know what a good dental clinic looks like.

  • Few treatment-options 

There are frequently several treatment options available to treat or cure dental disorders. Therefore, ask if you feel anything amiss.  An incompetent dentist may tell you that there is only one way to approach treatment and then appear upset or outraged if you offer another. That is when you should seek another dentist.

  • A defensive disposition

No self-assured, competent dentist will object to a patient requesting duplicates of dental records to pursue a second opinion. If you face with any negativity or doubt and you are questioned about why you would need another dentist’s advice, consider this another red flag. It’s a clear indication that you should look for another dentist.

  • Extensive procedures that seem to appear out of nowhere

Certain dentists will unreasonably make numerous recommendations, ranging from root canals to fillings to more teeth whitening services. Be cautious of these kinds of propositions. It is improbable that many patients would develop twelve cavities in a year or be brought to the chair for three root canals during that period. Although not impossible, if anything of this sort happens, take a second opinion.

  • Uncomfortable hunch

Have faith in your instincts! From the moment you step inside the office until you depart, you should feel at ease and welcomed. If this situation changes at any point in time, it is fine to walk away and head to another clinic to attend to your dental needs.


These factors will enable you to make the right choice when looking for the best dental practitioners.