How To Buy Likes On Youtube | TOP 7 Best Sites For You

What do you think first when someone mentions buying likes, views, or any other kind of booster for social media? Probably you will remember that it is illegal, and not effective because you can only buy bots. But what if this is no longer true? What if nowadays you can increase your position on YouTube with the help of purchased boosts and feel safe about it? 

You will be surprised to know that practically all popular people on YouTube are boosting their accounts from time to time, because today it is much easier and safer. 

Why buy likes for YouTube?

The reason is simple. The competition rate in most industries is very high, so to squeeze your content in to be noticed by the public you have to grow your blog quickly. And it is practically impossible to fulfill that task organically, again, thanks to the competition rate. So, the possibility to buy likes on YouTube is a relatively cheap method to increase real engagement of your video. Basically you need manual boosts to drive the attention to a certain content, so forget about mindless purchasing. Your work isn’t done here yet. Even though paid promotion is an effective tool in your arsenal, it is not a magic wand that does everything for you. For paid likes to work, you have to offer something that is really worth the attention of users on YouTube. 

If the content is boring or poorly created, no paid stats can save it from failure, so think twice about what you are going to promote – this factor plays a huge part in your strategy. How to buy YouTube likes? You simply have to choose a relevant site with a suitable price that offers the best package options and support. Here is the list of sites where you can get the best offers for real YouTube likes.



If you want to become a blogger on YouTube or any other social media – this service is your best friend. Here you will find great deals for your growth. To test this site out, you should use the option “ Likes for 1$’. You will receive 5 likes almost immediately and will be able to see how it works. It is possible to order 3 likes for 0.79$ only if you need that. Videosgrow service guarantees security of the deal, protecting your data on the highest level. Be sure that getting likes and views from this site is safe for your channel because every order is processed individually and only with real users. The delivery of your order will be quick, yet the progress will remain organic, so the algorithms of YouTube will not be alarmed by your activity.


 The best site to buy YouTube likes for ones who need quick high-quality improvements for their blogs, for the modest price. Here you can purchase YouTube likes, shares, and views for YouTube, providing organic growth of your profile from all sides. Choose one of the multiple effective offers, or create an individual order after you have consulted with customer support. Feel safe about your growth, due to the guaranteed 180-day refund policy. Along with likes, you can get YouTube views and other significant stats with just couple clicks. Moderate prices are suitable even for beginners who don’t have big budgets to spend on promotion.


This site is a good option for people who run blogs on multiple platforms. Along with YouTube, here you can promote:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • SoundCloud
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Spotify
  • Mixcloud
  • LinkedIn 
  • Quora
  • Shazam
  • Datpiff
  • Tumblr
  • Periscope
  • Twitch 

And many others. So if you want smooth and quick growth on many platforms at once, that’s where you go to buy likes, views, shares, or followers for your profiles. For YouTube in particular, you can add to your cart not on;y likes, but comments and likes for them as well, to create the atmosphere you need and stream your subscribers to the direction you want.


Best site to buy YouTube likes for you. This service offers a complete package of stats that you need for successful growth on YouTube. For example, you can order Starter package and you will get:

  • 20 subscribers

And all that for only 16.85. The delivery will begin immediately, but the progress will be complete in a few days to prevent YouTube security from alarming. Prom looks is a complex of services that secure a smooth and organic increase of popularity on YouTube. These kinds of services are very effective for people who are new to the industry and want to gain real attention faster. This site leaves the problem of balancing the stats behind you, making it all a piece of cake. 



Good multi platform promotion is guaranteed if you choose this site for paid promotion. You will easily increase the traffic for all your social media profiles with SocialsUp, by purchasing stats for your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and some other networks. This service also has the opportunity to make a balanced order, so your growth will be totally organic. 




Special treat of this site is that you can get 1000 views or at least 50 likes for your YouTube video for free! To receive this bonus you will have to register. On QQTube you will see monthly subscription offers that are developed for various needs and wallets. The complicated system of delivery ensures that the process is organic and effective for you. Along with views, you can get likes, shares, and watch time – these are crucial metrics for your progress, so do not neglect buying YouTube likes and other stats altogether. QQTube service is selective about videos that can be promoted with it. Firstly, your video has to lack any age restrictions. This service is also unavailable for copyright content and VEVO videos, for obvious reasons.

cheap view

Fast and cheap service for your popularity on YouTube. The price for 100 views is 1,79$, and for high-retention views – 0.89$, all that with an instant start. Also, on this site you can order regional views for the USA, UK, and India. The site guarantees refund and refill policy for 120 days, as well as safe payment methods. And you don’t have to enter your password anywhere.The live support on this service works 24/7 to help anytime you need. The ordering system is simple, so fits well for beginners. 


All the sites listed above are a great addition to your promotion tactic. But as it was mentioned before, even the complete set of services cannot substitute the benefit of organic growth. Purchased likes can be your instrument only to get more likes from new organic users. So, how to promote a channel on YouTube to become a known influencer on this network? Here are top useful tips and techniques that are proven to be effective.

Use keywords that are Google-friendly

All your work begins with SEO. To do that right, you must understand what people are looking for when they are interested in the niche you occupy. Youtube videos are a part of search results in Google, and that’s one of the goals for you to set – to be visible right away, as people type in the relevant word. Unfortunately, there is no versatile option that would be effective for your content. You will have to discover the most relevant keywords by yourself, experimenting and analyzing tons of information.

Write good titles

Think of it as a headline. Your video title must’ve short, yet informative enough for your target audience to hook their interest. And of course, you must squeeze in at least one keyword there. But don’t make your headlines too clickbait – this technique can be catchy, but in the long term can harm your reputation on the platform.

Make custom thumbnails

This small picture has even bigger weight than the title, because humans react to visual triggers better, and text is secondary. Although YouTube creates a thumbnail automatically when you upload a video, you shouldn’t go for it. Customized pictures will be more effective, because you can place there what is really important and catchy. So, resting good thumbnails is a part of your branding and recognition on the platform too, because the image has to be in consistent style with all other visuals that you have on your channel. To accentuate what your video is about, you can use sock photos or a still from your video. Just make sure all the details are distinct and bright.

Optimize video descriptions

Video descriptions are a goldmine of keywords, and a great way to initiate the communication with your viewers. The ground rule here is that you have to place the most important information within the first 150 characters, so it is readable at once. Another good idea is to put in the navigation and timecode so your viewers can jump to what they want to see immediately, or could find their favorite part. 

Mind the metadata 

It cannot be stressed enough that YouTube guidelines consider honesty and quality of your SEO the most. You have to categorize your video properly and include the right tags in the special section. Doing that helps YouTube algorithms to recommend your video to the most interested audience. 

Remember that content is king

Quality over quantity. It is much better for your growth to focus on creating valuable and original content, even if it takes more time to work on an upload. Times of mindless blogging are almost gone on YouTube, because nowadays there are more suitable places for such materials. People come to YouTube not only for fun and entertainment. They often search educational, informative videos, so your potential subscribers will appreciate it if you provide something worthy of their attention. Before you upload a video, ask yourself:

  • Does this video solve any problem?
  • Does it entertain people?
  • Does it improve their lives?

If you answered at least one question with “yes” – then you should upload the video to YouTube. 

Improve the video quality

Well, today it is easier to create high resolution content, b3cause practically all smartphones have a decent camera. But if you have the opportunity to improve your gear – do it. Yes, good camera and additional devices to shoot your video are expensive, but such an investment is a must if you want to impress the public. Nowadays users are a rather demanding lot, so you should put many efforts in producing brilliant and catchy visuals. 


Engagement needs both sides to act. Your viewers comment – you reply. People hit thumbs up – you praise them for that. Show some love to your fans! Talk to them actively, and start conversations yourself. Mind the ideas and offers that your viewers tell you. This can be great material for your next video! And you should constantly monitor the activity on your channel and encourage it with different celebrations and contests to motivate them even more. 

  • Run a q&a session. People would love to know more about you, so it will be good for your growth if you collect some popular questions you get and release a special video with answers. Or you can create a live stream with live chat, so you could have a conversation with your fans in real time format. 
  • Run a contest. Collaborate with a sponsor, or use your own product – the point of all this is to gain more likes and views quickly, because liking, sharing, or commenting should be a required option for participation. Keep in mind YouTube’s contest rules and make sure the prize is motivating. 
  • Nurture a community. The key to get a constant flow of engagement is to unite people around the content that you produce. And don’t be afraid to reach people from other channels. If a user is subscribed to a channel with similar content, they will be eager to check out what you have to offer too. So you have to become an active member of the YouTube community in your niche. 


Unite your videos into series

Nothing is more engaging than a series. If your videos are interesting, people will rave for more. So do it! With the help of playlists categorize your content according to the theme, and make it comfortable for users to watch and check. Besides, collecting videos in playlists can increase your views, thanks to the auto-play function. Of course, count on what your subscribers would like to see and use it as a fuel for further episodes. There are two ways to create playlists on YouTube:

  1. Group your existing videos, and add new episodes as you release them
  2. Collect videos from other authors that you like or consider relevant to your topic.

Set up a live stream

With the dire situation because of the world pandemic of COVID-19, live streaming has become one of the popular formats for many bloggers, due to the fact that many offline events were cancelled. Now live streaming is considered to be a great like and engagement gainer – people schedule various events there: webinars, workshops, courses… actually, Q&A sessions can be hosted here too.

Participate in offline events

To meet new people, find collaboration offers, and get new fans – go out to festivals and meetings. There are more common events, and specific ones that focus on bloggers and their audience. Anyway, coming to the offline event will be a huge chance to shoot lots of content, engage with other visitors and exchange experience with other bloggers. 

Shoot holiday content

Another way to surely get many likes is to release videos that are dedicated to upcoming holidays, like Christmas, Easter, or Independence Day. This way you will attract more people, who didn’t even think to watch your content at once. The best idea is to connect your niche and the holiday – like Christmas traditions in different countries for travel blogs, holiday dishes for cooking channels, or so. 

Creating such videos will surely increase the interest in your other videos, so to secure the interest and raise your stats, you should make a series of holiday content, strengthening the bond with potential subscribers. 

Cross-promote your videos on other platforms


And here comes TikTok! This viral video sharing app is a super effective promotion tool for your YouTube. You can post short trailers and teasers there, to redirect the audience to your channel on YouTube to discover more. Don’t be afraid –  TikTok is very easy to understand and upload videos, and it has a huge potential for virality. Hence, you have the chance to reach lots of people! On Instagram you can also share some teasers for upcoming videos, and use it as a place to discuss your recent uploads 


Watch for latest trends and challenges

To become a part of the youtube community, you have to keep your hand on the pulse of popular online happenings – challenges, contests, and trends. Don’t stand aside – with such events, you expand your reach and gain reputation on the platform. 

For you it is also a nice addition to the content plan you have. But make haste as you discover new trends or challenges because on social media these are very fast. 

Find inspiration in your favorites

It is completely okay to get inspired by the videos that your favorite bloggers create, as long as you really do something authentic. Find yourself role models from your industry – this way you can collect useful experience and discover how people react to different kinds of content. Watching what your competitors are doing is a crucial part of your analytics, because you can adjust your strategy according to the facts you found out. 


Buying likes on YouTube is no longer a bot farm. Today, it is a useful instrument for promotion, that helps to balance things on your profile and stream the attention of your viewers to a certain content. But purchasing stats has to be a smart decision, based on deep analytical research. But with the list of best places to buy YouTube likes by your side, you will easily get through all the riffs and reach success smoothly.