Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

Hair Care Tips for Busy Women

Are you constantly on the move? While focusing on your profession is admirable, you may overlook your appearance, particularly your gorgeous hair. If you don’t have a lot of time to take care of your hair, make it a point to follow these hair care suggestions for busy women.

Come Clean

There are hair care tips that campaign for no shampooing as it can strip your hair off of its natural oils. While this has some credence, experts actually rally for hair cleansing – as long as you use quality products. These items, after all, can reduce split ends and lock in moisture, whilst giving your hair a shiny and clean appearance.

So how often do you have to wash your hair? According to hair care tips experts, daily washing is advised for ladies who live in urban areas or locations with numerous pollutants. But if you live in a rural place, washing every few days is okay. Using hair masks is very good, as long as you remember to remove it well. Also, you should not forget that the best way to apply it will be to the ends, never to the roots, this way you will prevent them from looking oilier than normal.

Hydrate your Hair

Your skin is not the only thing that requires hydration. Your locks are thirsty for moisture as well! Haircare tips gurus promote conditioning after every shampooing session. After all, it gives your locks the healthy foundation that your hair needs to grow thicker and faster.

While regular conditioning can give your hair the nourishment that it needs, hydrating your tresses should not stop there. Use a protective product whenever you can, so you can defend your locks from frizz, split ends, dry ends, and even hair color fading!

Smooth as Silk

Silk is not only good for your garments, it is perfect for your terrific tresses as well. With that being said, one of the hair care tips you need to have in mind is this: sleep like a royal and lie on a silk-covered pillow. Because of the silk’s smooth nature, it won’t rough up your hair cuticles whenever you drift into dreamland. This in turn results to smoother locks and lesser frizz in the morning.

Don’t be Hot Like That!

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid looking hot. Just avoid applying heat to your hair. In the event that this cannot be circumvented, use steam rollers instead. According to hair care tips experts, steam rollers are gentler on your tresses. They don’t get very warm, in comparison to straightening or curling irons.

Again, if the need for the latter is very strong, make sure to apply a spray-in heat protectant to keep your mane as marvelous as you are.

Blow Dry Your Hair Properly

Similar to too hot water, too high a blow-dry temperature damages the hair structure. Here’s the hair care tip: Rather blow-dry for a few minutes longer than risking broken hair.

Before blow-drying, you should let your hair air-dry for about 15 minutes. This closes the outer cuticle layer and the hair is less vulnerable. Set your blow dryer to the lowest to medium temperature and a high blower setting to dry your hair. While doing so, keep the blow dryer at least 20 inches away from your head. If you have fine hair, I recommend that you rather switch back to one blower level. Otherwise, the hair will quickly become knotted.

Combing hair

“100 brush strokes a day make hair shine” – this beauty tip we already got from grandma. But a lot of combing also strains the hair. Probably, therefore, do 10. Often we comb our hair only after washing because it is easier with wet hair. Rather before already times easily untangle. Knots become even tighter when wet and are then even more difficult to get out.

Use Omega-3 Rich Oil

Beautiful, healthy, and full hair requires not only an abundant supply of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in salmon, sardines, and haddock, for example, are particularly important. The body uses these acids to produce vitamin D3 with the help of sunlight, which is important for hair growth.

Since vitamin D deficiency can occur especially in the dark winter months, an oil change in the kitchen can actually help to create more beautiful hair. Tofu, almonds, and other nuts as well as some vegetable oils such as flaxseed, nut or rapeseed oil provide valuable omega-3 fatty acids.