Best Life Hacks: How to Stay Alert While Learning

Some things in life are easy to pull through but staying alert during study time is not one? Our brain seems to be the most unresponsive during this time when we need it to co-operate the most. At times you feel like your brain is clogged, and you are distracted in every possible way, yet you cannot give up on studying because there is probably an upcoming assessment.

Students employ many unconventional methods to stay awake for long hours and study some more. Some of which include:

  • Taking concentrated coffee
  • Dipping feet in cold water
  • Taking drugs
  • Drinking energy drinks and alcohol

While these may offer a temporal solution, they have long-term adverse effects on the students, such as lifetime illnesses and addictions that are hard to break. While trying to get good grades and have a successful life, you deal with poor health for the rest of your life.

There are safer habits that you can adopt to help you concentrate during long hours of study, and these include:

Stay Hydrated

Whoever came up with the phrase ‘water is life’ had done their research well. Water makes the body feel and look alive. You need to form the habit of taking water regularly and not just when you feel thirsty. Remember, by the time you are feeling thirsty, your body is already communicating dehydration.

If you do not take enough water, your body will feel tired, and consequently, your concentration will be poor. You will not be able to study for long hours because you will feel sleepy.

One secret to staying hydrated is to have a water bottle with you everywhere you go, such that any time you come across a water refill point, you fill-up the bottle and continue sipping constantly.

Take Breaks

Long hours of study can be tricky. Most people cannot sit and focus for long hours because so many activities are going on in the brain. For example, you can plan your study time to take breaks every 30 minutes. You can personalize this depending on your concentration span.

The other trick is to have different subjects after every break to avoid monotony. For example, you can study biology for the first 30 minutes, take a short break, then take up chemistry.

Eat Healthy Foods

The importance of a healthy diet on the brain’s functionality cannot be overemphasized. For students getting a balanced diet can be a challenge because of the cost implications and the time required to prepare a proper meal. Most students survive on fast foods for convenience.

However, understanding how important a healthy diet is will make you want to go the extra mile. One of the most practical hacks is preparing your meals in advance and freezing them, only to heat what you need to eat at a particular time.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly promotes a healthy brain since physical activities encourage the body to produce some feel-good hormones. This means that your body will be better at handling the pressure that comes with long study hours.

You will not just be able to study for long hours but also grasp the content better. A fit body is well-rested compared to an unfit body. You can engage in simple exercises every day, such as walking, jogging, stretching, or even an entire workout in the gym if you are in a position.

Have at least 6 hours of sleep every night

Sleep is essential. Most motivational speakers have made us believe that we can do with minimal sleep, but that is not the case. Our brains need enough rest to be able to function properly.

If you can get at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night, you will be in a better position to study for long hours. Eight hours is the most recommended, but 6 hours is also good enough. Anything less than that will leave you tired and impede your concentration.

Study in a well-lit room

Your study room should have sufficient lighting. Not too bright and not too dull. Bad lighting will strain your eyes and leave you wanting to sleep. You will also get a headache which will result in poor concentration.

The best time to study for long hours is during the day when there is natural light. This is, however, not always practical because of busy schedules. Therefore, you should set your lighting to a moderate intensity that will not damage your eyes.

A little caffeine is not bad after all.

There are acceptable levels of caffeinated drinks that you can take to keep you awake and alert for some extra hours. A cup of coffee every evening before you settle to study will not do you any harm.

Overindulging in caffeine will give you a false energy boost followed by a slump shortly after, making it counterproductive. Also, do not forget that caffeine can be addictive; hence it should be taken in moderation.

Have study partners

There is power in teamwork. Having a group of fellow students to study can help you go for long hours. The hack ensures you are all learning the same subject at a go and have brief discussions frequently. This will keep you awake for longer and help you understand better.

Be comfortable enough

Too much comfort or discomfort can be counterproductive. The most important thing is to ensure you have the right chair. Your sitting position should be upright since any other position will strain your back. Being too comfortable will make you fall asleep faster, while discomfort will have adverse effects on your concentration level.

Avoid Studying in the bedroom.

Most students live in studio apartments where the bed, couch, and study desk share the space. This is not a healthy place to study, especially during those long hours. There is a 95% chance that you will succumb to the pressure of wanting to take a short nap, then add a few more minutes and end up waking up the next day.

The ideal place to study is in the library because everything has been moderately set to give you the right environment.

Remember, these are habits and not quick-fix solutions that you can take up a week to the examination period. You need to practice them, and gradually, your brain will adapt. Staying awake to study for long hours will become the norm with time. It would help if you also got used to delegating some of your assignments to the fantastic team of writers at Peachy Essay so that you are left with enough time to study.