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8 Hand and Nail Care During Summer

Summer is almost here, and we are sure you can’t wait to swim, travel, be in your garden and play your favorite sports without a worry in the world. Well, good luck with that, but make sure that before and after performing these activities, you follow a nice hand and nail care regimen as well. 

Your nails and hands need special care in summer, and if you don’t want to lose their charm, dig into this guide for eight excellent tips to follow. 

Tips to Look After Your Hand and Nails In Summer

Imagine traveling with your friends, and suddenly your nails start to break one after the other. How would that make you feel? Also, what if someone notices your dry hands and makes you feel embarrassed while you explore a different city?

No one wants to experience such situations, right? So, to avoid that, it is best to take care of your nails and hands. Here’s how you can do that this season. 

Keep Your Nails Moisturized

While your skin can produce some oil naturally, your nails are not capable of that, so they require extra attention. If you wash your hands frequently during the day, make sure to apply some moisturizer to your hands and nails after every session. This habit will nourish your nails and keep them healthy for a long. 

Apply Sunscreen

Your hands need as much protection from the sun during summer as your face. So, if you can’t wear gloves every time, make sure to apply sunscreen on your hands at least two times a day. 

Besides, after the end of a busy day, use a top-quality hand scrub to kick out all the dead skin cells that might have accumulated on your hands. 

Maintain Your Nails’ Hygiene Levels

If you swim regularly during summer, you might be exposing your nails to more moisture than required. This may result in some trapped moisture in your nails, leading to dangerous infections. However, if you are drying your nails properly after every session, you might be saving yourself from any disaster. 

Additionally, for the sake of your healthy nails, ensure to keep them as short as possible. Dust and bacteria can easily accumulate in long nails. Simultaneously, clean and trim them regularly to reduce the chances of debris getting in. 

Don’t Forget Your Cuticle Oil 

Summer heat can easily dry your cuticles, and this can result in unnecessary breakage. Moreover, nail polish easily peels and chips, which can be quite irritating.

To save yourself from this hassle, make sure to apply good-quality cuticle oil to your nails every night before going to bed. In addition, you can go for some nice nail balms available that keep your cuticles hydrated for a long. 

Perform a Hand Massage Every Day

Do you want your hands to look healthy, clean, bright, and smooth during summer? In that case, take out some time every day and perform a hand massage. A massage not only helps improve your skin but also increases blood circulation, making your hands look more clean and healthy. 

There are many hand massage options that you can try. For instance, a palm massage, stimulating massage, or a nice finger massage are all quite effective and relaxing. 

Don’t Compromise on the Quality of Cosmetics

You are so lucky that so many hands and nail products are available these days. But let us assure you that not every cosmetic available is worth trying. Some products use very harmful chemicals that might ruin the health of your hands and nails. 

So, whether you buy nail polish, nail polish remover, hand cream, or a hand moisturizer, read the labels before bringing them home. Ensure to do proper research and don’t fall for every product that claims to have “natural ingredients.” Most manufacturers fool their customers, and you don’t want to fall into that trap. 

Avoid Acetone

Acetone is one of the most accessible and affordable products to help remove even the most stubborn nail paint from your nails. However, this chemical is quite harsh and may end up ruining both your hands and nails. 

Unfortunately, acetone can dry up your nails and make them relatively weak if used regularly. So, instead of spending money on this good-for-nothing item, go for removers that contain ingredients such as Vitamin E and almond oil. Both these substances keep your nails healthy and strong. 

Get a Manicure

Not regularly, but get a manicure from a professional at least once a week. Sometimes your hands and nails go through more than you can imagine, and so an expert is the best person to bring them back to their healthy state. Also, while you are getting a manicure, take that opportunity to give yourself some elegant almond nail art

Final word

Summer heat and activities can ruin your nails and hands. But if you are serious about them, you won’t let that happen. The above tips can help you maintain your nails and hands so that you can enjoy your favorite activity without any limitations.