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Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

How Do I Take Care Of My Eyelashes After Extensions?

Setting up your appointment and sitting down on the salon chair is just the start of your eyelash extension journey. Because the real adventure begins after the application process is complete. Eyelash extension aftercare is an essential part of maintaining healthy and striking extensions. Let’s explore how we can take care of our eyelash extensions and why using high-quality eyelash extensions shampoo is the key to long-lasting and gorgeous lashes! 

Why Do We Need Extensions After-Care?

Let’s begin by discussing why it’s so important to keep our extensions clean and maintain a daily after-care routine. Picture this – you are fresh out of the salon with your pristine extensions all ready to dazzle the world. While lash extensions may look flawless as soon as they are attached, these delicate sets and fills require proper care and attention. 

Over time, our new classic eyelash extensions will begin to be exposed to various environmental factors and particles. From air pollution to makeup and natural oil debris, our fresh lash sets can become a place of unnecessary build-up. If not cleaned with lash shampoo, these particles and substances can lead to painful eye irritation, premature lash fall-out, and even eye infections! Not to mention how our new lash extensions may lose their dynamism and pizazz.

How To Take Care of Extensions With Eyelash Shampoo

As we’ve mentioned, incorporating eyelash extensions shampoo is a must when it comes to taking care of eyelashes after extensions. These airy and lightweight products are meant to remove any debris, oil build-up, and makeup residue from the lash extensions, and keep our sets in mint conditions!         

A simple, effortless, and effective eyelash extension after-care routine only needs a few steps and a handful of products. Start your after-care routine by placing a few pumps of liquid lash shampoo on your fingertips. With very gentle motions, begin to apply and lather in the eyelash shampoo on the extensions. The key is to get as close to the lash line as possible, without dragging down the extensions or using too much force. 

Next, take your clean wand and start brushing up and down the lash line, covering each extension with the shampoo solution. Finally, remove the leftover eyelash shampoo with a damp washcloth and that’s it! 

Best Lash Shampoo

As you see, lash shampoo plays a huge part in maintaining our beautiful extension. That is why it’s paramount to invest in high-quality eyelash extensions shampoos you can rely on. The Stacy Lash Shampoo is a premium lash product that can help transform your mesmerizing extensions. Formulated for deep and thorough cleansing, the 50ml foaming Stacy Lash Shampoo will become our new go-to product! Visit our lash extension supply store and invest in an affordable shampoo that is great for both lash beginners and experienced artists!