Five Habits that Can Disrupt Your Sleep

After a long day of activities, most of us look forward to embracing bedtime. Sleeping is so critical to our health. But many people consistently find ways to unknowingly sabotage their sleep with common bad habits! Let us look at the five most common habits and what sleep supplements could help combat these issues.

Where does sleep disruption begin?

First, it’s critical to understand exactly how our mind works and the process of putting us to sleep. Melatonin brings about our bouts of blissful sleep by relaxing our bodies. In most cases, it should come naturally, without any need for additional sleep supplements. However, these habits we mentioned could have dire consequences on the body´s ability to produce this wonder chemical.

Blue light and external stress damage the brains´ production. And the brain will produce less melatonin in time.

Avoid the dangers of technology.

As mentioned, one of the most disturbing factors when it comes to sleep is your phone. The blue light coming from a phone or any other electronic device confuses our internal clock and results in less of that sweet melatonin. The obvious fix is to limit your screen time before bed.

Some of the most egregious offenders are:

  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Television screens

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to swap their routine. Some of you might have work commitments that require you to be online late into the night. In these cases, try a sleep supplement to lull you into sleep. An effective natural remedy is a CBD sleep solution, which can work great to help your body and mind relax in preparation for your rest. CBD for sleep has become increasingly popular as new research arrives, showing its many benefits.

You can also check your device for a night mode setting. Many newer phones and tablets now have options to reduce blue light. Be aware that the effect of these settings may not be enough, but it’s worth a try.

Avoid mental gymnastics.

Many forms of outside stimuli on the mind can result in sleep loss. One of these is, of course, stress. We tend to take our work, school, or other daily happenings with us to bed. And while we are running laps in our minds trying to make sense of why our boss was in such a bad mood, the brain is taking a toll when it should be resting.

In other words, it’s good to take a break from the big thinking, at least right before bed. Make it a point to clear your mind. A great way to do this is through meditation. Meditation gives you the chance to disconnect from the outside world for a bit, for some much-needed alone time. To supplement your meditation, try a sleep supplement. For example, a CBD sleep oil. The effects of CBD on stress are proven, and it can indeed help you if you find yourself unable to relax at night. Another effective way to clear your mind before bed is through hypnosis for deep sleep. Hypnosis induces relaxation and calmness, leading to better sleep quality. This practice involves guided imagery and suggestions to help individuals release stress and tension, paving the way for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Skip the big meals before bed.

Skipping meals is a tough one. A busy person might only be able to fit in dinner late at night. But it is critical to have a good schedule for your meals. Eat too close to sleep, and you won’t finish digesting it before it’s time to rest.

Digestion is hard work for the body and it’s nearly impossible for your body to do this work and fall asleep. If you must eat something close to bedtime, make it a light meal. If you still have cravings to down a big feast, at least wash it down with some CBD sleep oil to combat the stress on your body.

Avoid long naps during the day.

Ruling out naps might ruffle some feathers. Some people can´t let their daytime nap go. And in moderation, a siesta might even be beneficial. But the truth is spending too much time during the day sleeping can hurt you in the long run. You might find that you’ve slept long enough during the day to disrupt your nightly sleep cycle.

Some experience daily sleepiness to a higher degree than most. If this is something you relate to, and it’s more than just a nuisance,  you should consult a doctor. Sleep apnea could be the culprit, and seeking medical advice could be your best shot. If you indeed are diagnosed with this condition, a natural remedy could be using CBD for sleep. Research shows that CBD sleep supplements and bipap machines can alleviate the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Put the bottle down before bed.

Alcohol is one of the most well-documented substances in history. But many people ignore how badly it can affect your sleep. You might feel that a neat whiskey relaxes you before bed. But, in actuality, it harms the REM stage of sleep. While you might sleep for just as long as you usually would without alcohol, the quality of sleep will be inferior. If you´re desperate for that feeling of relaxation, instead try a CBD sleep oil, which can have positive effects on your mood, relaxing you for bed.

Sleep is king for a reason.

Sleep is precious. It is a scarce resource for many. So getting enough of it is critical. If you keep these five habits in mind and find a high-quality sleep supplement, you´ll find that your sleep quality will improve. Other methods include just reducing your daily stress in general. Relaxed people are the best sleepers.

The general consensus is that sleep powers our bodies. Everything from an athlete´s performance, to how much you succeed at work is all connected to how much rest you allow your body to have.

Many people don´t sleep enough. The daily stress of our modern society is likely the culprit. That is why relaxing supplements, such as CBD sleep oil are so popular. They help deal with daily stress and can bless you with a more calm sleep.