The Importance of Proper Cleaning Methods

Skin Treatment and Tattoo Removal
Skin Treatment and Tattoo Removal

As a tattoo and piercing artist, the safety of your clients and their physical well-being is of the utmost importance. One of the most important parts of client safety is having clean equipment. Sterilizing your equipment requires you to have the proper equipment and the best autoclave for tattoo will ensure your customers are safe while you carefully work on their body art. Also, as many tattoo shops also provide piercing services having a tool for autoclave piercing sterilization serves the same purpose in keeping customers safe.

About Autoclaves and How They Work

Autoclaves are very useful tools for sterilization and the removal of bacteria. They find use not just in the tattoo industry but also in the medical field and other businesses. Autoclaves have been around since the late 1800s and are a time-tested cleaning method. An autoclave cleans equipment but exposes it to steam, high pressure, and high temperatures. Before this sterilization process autoclaves perform an ultrasonic cleaning to remove any debris or biological remnants that could be found on a piece of equipment. A tattooing needle, for example, could easily have skin cells on it due to its exposure to the human body. The extreme temperatures and high-pressure steam finish the cleaning job by removing any particles that may be leftover.

The Dangers of Uncleaned Needles

Tattoos and piercings rely on clean equipment for customer safety. Unclean needles and associated equipment can put your customers at risk. Unclean needles can easily transmit viruses and bacteria to unsuspecting customers, leading to skin conditions, infections, and illness. One of the most common dangers associated with unclean needles is the transmission of hepatitis C. This is partly due to the fact Hepatitis C can remain infectious outside the body for a very long time, with some evidence suggesting up to six weeks. Hepatitis C is one of the most prevalent of all blood-borne viruses in the nation. It causes liver inflammation and the virus can be either short-term or a long-term health condition. Hepatitis C develops into a long-term condition in roughly half of the reported cases. There are other conditions unclean needles can cause. Hepatitis B is a concern, as is general infections. An infection can vary in symptoms and severity, but signs of it can include redness, pain, a rash, chills, and fever. Many infections require professional care and treatment in the form of antibiotics to successfully cure.

How a Lack of Sanitization Hurts Your Business

Naturally, you don’t want customers developing illnesses when they come to your shop for a new piercing or tattoo. This erodes your trust in the community and does possibly irreversible damage to your reputation. Once a shop has a reputation of being unsafe and unclean, it can take years to recover goodwill from your local customers. In addition, there are also legal matters such as unsafe conditions can cause. Your shop can face legal action if a customer becomes sick due to unsafe practices. It is simply not worth the risk to skip buying needed cleaning equipment and implementing proper procedures.

Final Thoughts

In any business, customer safety is a top concern. You want to ensure that the services you provide your customers meet the highest safety standards. With piercings and tattoos, customers are trusting you with their bodies and their overall health. Such a high level of trust deserves to be treated with an equally high level of care. Having an effective cleaning system in place ensures your needles are ready for the next piercing or tattoo project. Part of an effective cleaning system is having the right tools in place to do the job effectively and thoroughly. An autoclave provides the high levels of cleaning you need to do a safe and proper job.