The Ideal Countries Where You Can Get Hair Transplant With Low Costs

There are many factors to consider when you’re looking for a place to get a hair transplant. One of the most important is the cost of the procedure. You want to find a country where you can get a hair transplant at a low cost. Here are some of the best countries for low-cost hair transplants.


The first thing to consider when researching countries is the cost of the procedure. It’s no good to find a country with low prices if you can’t afford it. The ideal procedure will have an affordable cost of your hair transplant, not just those who are wealthy or have access to an extra source of cash. According to 2017 statistics, the average hair transplant surgery costs $5,900 in the United States. This price is an average of all surgeries ranging from $1,000 to $60,400. Another great country with low-cost procedures includes Canada (average of $4,700).

Preparation for Surgery

It is important to know what you can do to prepare yourself for the surgery. Yes, you will have to go through a consultation, followed by tests. You may also need blood work or other preparations before getting your procedure done. If the cost of the procedure is low enough, you might even be able to fly out on the day of surgery and return home immediately afterward. However, it’s best not to look at this as a way to save money and spend more while abroad – that defeats the purpose! 

Who Is A Candidate?

You might have to undergo some tests before undergoing hair transplant surgery. These tests will be administered by someone other than the doctor who will perform the procedure, so the person administering these tests must be qualified and trustworthy. You should ask about this person’s training if you are unsure. Some of the tests you may have to take include blood work, heart screenings, and even psychological evaluations. The process can seem daunting but keep in mind that it’s ultimately for your benefit to make sure you’re physically healthy enough for surgery and no one knows your body better than yourself (since you’ll know if something feels off). If a country doesn’t require these preparatory measures, don’t consider getting a hair transplant there – or at least ensure the surgeon is qualified to help if something goes wrong after surgery.

Whose Procedure Works Best?

According to statistics, the patients who achieved the best results were those in Colombia (68%), South Korea (67%), and Canada (65%). The ones who had the highest number of less-than-satisfactory results were Hong Kong (43%), South Africa (39%), and Panama City, Panama (36%). It’s important to go into surgery knowing what areas will be transplanted and how many grafts you’ll receive. Some clinics offer package deals while others take a more hands-off approach. You should make sure that your surgeon is experienced enough that he or she can do surgery without anyone else’s help if necessary.

Follow-up Care

You must find out what happens after you get your hair transplant. What kind of post-operative care can you expect? Will you be able to fly home immediately, or will there be special arrangements set up for your trip back? Does this country offer services like checkups and possible corrections, given that no one is perfect (and that includes surgeons)? These questions are all equally important in finding a great place to go for a hair transplant because they tell you how much follow-up care the patient will receive. Find out before making any decision about where to go!

Surgical Center vs Hospital

Pros and cons are depending on whether or not you decide to undergo surgery in a hospital or surgical center. Hospitals are more reputable places and tend to be stricter about the qualifications of their surgeons, as well as perform better oversight with health care policies like confidentiality and cross infection. On the other hand, they can cost significantly more – especially if you have to stay overnight – and your recovery may take longer because there will be staff that needs to monitor you leading up to surgery. Consider how long you will stay for recovery and how soon you’ll go back home.

It’s important to consider all of the factors when determining which countries are ideal for getting a hair transplant. Canada, with a lower cost and high success rate, is the option for people from the US and Canada. Be sure to do thorough research before committing so that you can have a safe and successful experience!