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Skincare Trends To Watch Out For In 2022

Do you want to look your best in 2022? If the answer is yes, it calls for a change in your skincare routine. Many trends can help you improve the quality and texture of your skin, but not all of them may suit you. If you’ve tried an ongoing trend and found out that your skin broke out and had angry red marks all over, it’s time to take a break. Some may call it purging, but many are simply overwhelming their skin with too many products at once. Building your skin’s stamina to absorb so many ingredients takes time. For the same reasons, it is prudent to break down the routine and only include the absolute essentials, for starters. Today, we’re going to share our favorite ingredients that can change your skin and help you clear up any signs of aging or acne, and hyperpigmentation.

  • Retinols for anti-aging: Retinoids and retinol are active ingredients that nourish the skin. It helps to remove any blemishes and improve skin imperfections, leading to better elasticity and an even tone. If you’re in your mid-20s and wish to start looking after your skin well, we advise you to start using a mild retinoid (2%) thrice a week until your skin gets used to the ingredient. Once you finish a bottle or two of the serum or ointment, you can consider increasing it to 3%. This ingredient is easily one of the most loved in the world, as all aestheticians and dermatologists recommend them.
  • Manuka Honey for anti-inflammation: If you have inflamed or angry skin due to using too many ingredients like the 10 or 11 step routine, try using this one. First, pause the use of all products until you find out which one your skin is reacting to. Instead, use manuka honey to subside the inflammation. You’ll notice an immediate difference within one to two applications since manuka honey has soothing properties and can heal the skin rapidly.
  • Vitamin C for day skincare: Do you have dull and patchy skin that can’t be brightened with any make-up? The first rule to applying makeup flawlessly and looking great is not using big brands, but having a healthy canvas. If your skin is dull and uneven, no amount of makeup can help in concealing flaws. Vitamin C serum is packed with properties that give your skin an instant glow while eradicating free radicals. Use this in your AM routine starting a week thrice to every day and enjoy healthier skin.
  • Snail slime masks for collagen boost: One of the latest fads that have arisen from Korean skincare is snail slime masks. These may sound unconventional but have been a part of traditional medicine for a long time. Snail slime masks have healing properties and can restore the moisture and collagen lost through stress or time.

Wrapping Up:

Four ingredients are better than using twelve if it means having a focused and consistent approach to skin health.  When used as directed, you will find that all the pigmentation, fine lines, and texture issues get resolved within a few months of use.