Preparing for My Husband’s Birthday

I Want to Make This Birthday Special!

My husband’s birthday is on February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, which makes sense because he is such a sweetheart!

For the last couple years, I haven’t been able to get him everything he has wanted for his special day, but thanks to my new promotion at work, I’ll be able to get him all he wants and more—and show him that I love him dearly.

Here are some of the gifts I have in mind!

A VR Headset So He Can Explore Other Worlds

My husband loves to play video games in his free time and has expressed interest in virtual reality. So, what better way to show that I care than by getting him his very own headset?

VR headsets are incredible devices, and I’m stunned that he hasn’t yet bought one for himself. Did you know that the first VR headset was made in 1968? My husband will be able to enjoy realistic experiences, and his gaming will be so much more immersive! Plus, a VR headset can also be personal treat, since I’ll use it when he isn’t.

A Signed Guitar with New Gear

The one thing that my husband loves more than anything is music. His favorite instrument is the guitar, and accordingly, he has three, but none of them are signed by a famous artist. I know that he would be over the moon if he had one with a signature, so I’m going to source him one that has been signed by Red Hot Chili Peppers’ John Frusciante, his favorite rock guitarist!

In addition to the guitar, I’m going to buy him all of the necessary accompanying gear, including a custom strap and a new amplifier. I don’t know very much about music, so I’ll make sure to get input from one of his jam buddies!

The Fountain of Youth

Neither of us is getting younger; in fact, our faces have already started to sag! To take care of this, I’ve gotten a facelift of my own; he, on the other hand, hasn’t.

Every day, he tells me that he is afraid to look in the mirror, and it breaks my heart to see him so self-conscious. So, to lift his spirits, I’m going to schedule a male facelift for him. I’ve already discussed it with him, and he is thrilled about the idea! When all is said and done, he’ll love the results and be more accepting of himself.

A facelift isn’t exactly the fountain of youth, but it is the closest thing we have! 

I’m Taking Him on a Date to an Amusement Park

My husband and I have always adored amusement parks, but it has been a few years since we’ve been to one; as time passes, it becomes harder to do overly stimulating things. Still, I figure that he will be excited to try out another park, ride some death-defying rollercoasters, and make many more amazing memories together!

To make things even more special, I’m going to go the extra mile and buy us fast passes.

A Brand-New Rolex

My husband may be obsessed with watches, but he has worn the same one for the last ten years. In my opinion, it’s a fairly ordinary timepiece, and doesn’t match some of his nicer outfits. If there’s one kind of watch that I know for a fact he has always coveted, it’s a Rolex.

The other day, I was flipping through a catalogue and saw the perfect watch for him: a gold Rolex with intricate detailing and a few diamonds on the face. To add a personal touch, I’m going to ask for a special engraving on the bottom, though I don’t yet know what the message will be. I’m leaning toward something sweet, simple, and heartfelt, like, “I love you always.”

This new watch will be an ideal gift, and I know that he’ll show it off to all of his friends!