The United States of America is a greatly divided nation today, both politically, culturally and socially. In these unprecedented and turbulent times, it is crucial to remember what our great nation has unwaveringly stood for: freedom, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, rugged individualism, patriotism, and doing good for our neighbors.


Our nation has been greatly divided by those who value individual freedom and the American way and those who want to see more radical change in our culture. Many of us never thought we would see the day when our freedoms would be stripped away and the values that our flag represents eroded, little by little, generation after generation. We have seen businesses shuttered, lives destroyed, teachers, police, firemen and medical professionals fired, as we see freedom replace with tyranny in America.


We are being divided based on race, class, employment, private medical decisions, bodily autonomy. This should not be happening in the freest nation on earth. We are a beacon of light, a city set on a hill. This is not the American way. Have you ever been to a political rally and seen those on the far left spectrum wave a patriotic flag or wearing American flag jewelry with their outfits? Shouldn’t every American love our country, no matter which side of the social debate you are on? It’s time that we re-evaluate our priorities and values as Americans and get back to our Constitutional roots.


What need, more than anything, is dialogue. People can hardly discuss the issues without being censored. That is not the American way. We should not be teaching division in our public school, in our public forums or in our media. Rather, we should be teaching our kids American exceptionalism, patriotic values, along with the fundamentals of math, reading, writing, history, and science.


This is merely a token, but one way we can express these rights is to proudly display our patriotic values again in our apparel. I know that seems like a small thing. But it is also an indirect form of communication. One small, seemingly insignificant way to do this is to wear accessories like American flag jewelry, pendants, lapels—to wave the American flag again in patriot rallies, when we are working, shopping, hanging out with friends and even in professional spheres. Are we not all Americans?


The Bible says in Jeremiah 6:16: “… ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls ….” Sometimes, progress means moving backwards and returning to the way things were. Technological and social advancement doesn’t always move forward in time; sometimes it gets left behind or trampled upon by political corruption. Let us find the American way again. It is our duty, our obligation, and we owe it to our children and grandchildren for generations to come. We must be brave in the face of the dystopian new world we have been confronted with. It is time to return to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, to freedom and individualism and to put politically driven narratives behind us. Make a symbolic gesture with patriotic, American flag jewelry, and more importantly, with genuine, open dialogue that is so sorely lacking in today’s America.