Light Therapy: Why You Should Try LED Care

LED technology is steadily taking its place in the beauty industry. They are used in various treatments at the cosmetologist, in-home masks, and in other beauty tools. We tried to figure it out for ourselves and asked an expert how it works. And if you need it.

LED therapy works by harnessing the energy of light. Remember your high school physics class: different colors of light have different wavelengths. The main colors used in cosmetology are red, green, blue, and yellow.


Increases the synthesis of elastin and collagen and strengthens the skin. It has the most noticeable effect of all the rays, so this type of LED therapy is advised for firming the skin.


Restores the protective barrier. It is prescribed for those who have sensitive skin or such a condition as dermatitis.


The main distinguishing feature of the blue ray is its antibacterial effect. In addition, it promotes quicker healing of inflammation, so blue light is prescribed for clients with acne.


Soothes the skin and improves circulation. Yellow light stimulates lymphatic drainage and is recommended for swelling.

If you are concerned about one of the above problems, a specialist will select a specific light for LED therapy. Some devices allow you to combine different light waves, so it is possible to solve several problems at once during the procedure.

led facial light is a device, a skin treatment, and prevention technique that appeared on the beauty market a few years ago. It:

  • Works well with problem skin and acne, as LED light works deeply on propionate bacteria and fights them thoroughly.
  • It has a rejuvenating effect.
  • Restores the skin after aggressive techniques such as laser or acid peels. LED light also helps speed up rehabilitation after bio revitalization, mesotherapy, and plastic surgery.

Moreover, the LED therapy procedure is recommended after various treatments and massages. In addition, LED-light is also used in trichology as a prophylactic of hair loss or in the treatment of seborrhea.

And, of course, such therapy can be an independent procedure, which immediately improves the complexion and quality of the skin. Many celebrities choose it as the final stage of skincare before red carpets and other photo-collage events.

Light therapy stimulates repair processes and collagen production, evens skin tone, makes it more elastic, helps reduce inflammation, and regulates the sebaceous glands.

It is also used for:

  • treatment and healing of wounds;
  • treatment of pigmentation, acne, postacne, rosacea;
  • eliminating the signs of photo- and Chrono aging (wrinkles, flabbiness, dryness);
  • skin moisturizing;
  • capillary strengthening;
  • recovery after active invasive procedures.

As a beauty procedure, LED therapy is most often used for the face and décolleté zone. But LED-lamps are also used for whitening teeth, alopecia, and to enhance the effect of hair treatments (for example, before mesotherapy and the application of masks, concentrates).

Of course, we could not ignore the question of whether LED therapy can be dangerous. Here’s what we found out.

If you do the procedure in the salon under the supervision of a doctor, you probably have nothing to fear. A huge number of studies have confirmed that LED therapy does not cause the development of side effects.

Of the contraindications:

  • pregnancy (studies on pregnant patients have not been conducted and it is unknown what the result will be, so it is better to reassure yourself);
  • skin cancer;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of a pacemaker.

Before the procedure, you will be sure to check all the important details to avoid side effects, and your eyes will be covered with special protective glasses.

Before the procedure the face and neck are thoroughly cleaned, a mask with a photosensitizer (usually chlorophyll-based, it is also called “green mask”) is applied. It is a conductor through which the light penetrates deeper. After 20 minutes the mask is usually washed off (but options are possible when the light shines directly on the mask), and the patient lies down under the LED lamp – depending on the protocol, for 10, 30, or 40 minutes. Moreover, during this time, it is possible to apply multiple waves of different colors. During the procedure, the patient wears special glasses that protect the eyes from bright light.

You just feel the heat. No rehabilitation is required after the procedure, you can go straight to business.