Inspiration For Your Next Wet Room


A common pet peeve that we all have is getting parts of the toilet that is supposed to be dry, wet. We all subconsciously have specific ‘wet areas’ in the standard bathrooms that we use at home, and these areas use water-resistant materials to prevent our furniture from water damage. On the other hand, a wet room is essentially an area that is designed to be fully waterproof. 

A wet room includes features such as sealed floors and walls that prevent water from escaping, as well as sloped flooring to guide water towards a small drain. Because of this, wet rooms don’t require a separate water tray to be installed.

Whilst being functional and modern, a compact small wet room is increasingly demanded by today’s customers. They are a more practical choice, especially when working with a small amount of space. As such, we’ve compiled a guide to understanding wet rooms, and what their advantages are!

Reasons To Get A Wet Room

A wet room will alter your bathroom into a stylish and aesthetically pleasing area. Whilst being contemporary and sleek, wet rooms provide a liberating showering experience as you won’t be fighting for space. Say goodbye to the feeling of confinement in an enclosed area with wet rooms! 

There are several more benefits to having a wet room which will be shared in this article. These benefits are sure to make you want to fit a wet room in your own home.

Easy To Clean

Shower enclosures are a thing of the past when it comes to wet room designs, as they require consistent cleaning to prevent mould and mildew from gathering. However, with wet rooms, you’ll probably only need to clean a single shower screen and from time to time a wall-hung basin and toilet. With a clutter-free floorspace, your bathroom will appear clean at all times.


Not only is a wet room functional, but its minimalistic nature also causes it to give a spa-like experience to its users. This is very much in line with what is in trend. Working with different colour schemes to fit the aesthetic you desire should not be a problem with wet rooms as well. For instance, you can pair marble tiles with gold details to get a designer aesthetic. Alternatively, if you’re going for the industrial look, a simple installation of a shower screen together with black fixtures should do the job.

Space Conscious

Wet rooms are practical –– they surely are a smarter way to use what’s left of the minuscule square footage we get in houses these days. You can refrain from installing a bathtub and instead open up more room by having a larger showering area. This is well suited for small bathrooms as you won’t need to install any imposing shower enclosures. 

Wet room design ideas also prioritise functionality, as even the smallest of bathrooms can be transformed into a large area with usable space that gives off spa-like feels.

Design Versatility

Wet rooms offer an insurmountable amount of freedom and versatility –– they provide the option of having an indulgent shower in a space that you can have complete control over. You can personalise your wetroom exactly how you want and need it to be. 

With their increasing popularity, there are no limits to how you can choose to design your wet room. There are also a variety of suites that you would want to explore before deciding what is best for you. 

Different natural materials should be implemented into your shower room as the general focus of wet rooms is usually minimalism. Mosaic, marble, tiles, and terrazzo work well when incorporated into a smaller design of a wet room. Alternatively, contrasting patterns and colours to divide your space helps with highlighting the shower area and giving it an illusion of a larger space. You can go for a more industrial look with bold concrete features, or opt for a spa-inspired space that has massaging body jets and underfloor heaters. It is really up to you!


A wet room is ideal for those who need an easily accessible space, such as the elderly, wheelchair users, and for people who require more space due to restrictions in mobility. Without the need for a shower tray and non-slip flooring, a wet room is safe and more practical than a standard bathroom. 

Five Ideas For Your Small Wet Room

Here are some of our favourite ideas for wet rooms that you can use to fit the style and aesthetic that you are going for!

Luxury Rainfall Showers

A luxurious rainfall shower should do the trick when going for a spa-like experience. This rainfall shower is significantly oversized as compared to your regular shower head and releases a steady flow of water down for a refreshing and rejuvenating feel. 

Look out for sleek, rectangular-shaped heads that have many water holes that allow for a reinvigorating rainfall experience. Stainless steel finishes also would complement other contemporary-styled accessories. 

Premium Tiling

If practicality is high on your list, going for fitting premium-quality tiles is the way to go. Not only does it give your wetroom a modern finish, but it is also durable and sure to be long-lasting. These tiles come in a range of materials and textures, which makes them extremely versatile and can suit any style that you want. In terms of drainage and waterproofing, tiles perform well as they suit wet rooms. Above that, tiles provide for a non-slip surface, which ensures that your safety is also taken care of

Going for grey tiles is a good choice, especially in this contemporary age. When using two different shades of grey, you can create a contrasting look that will bring your room together. To make your space look even larger than it is, you can purchase mosaic tiles that run from floor to ceiling. 

Special Features

Get a little more creative with your wet room by adding an eye-catching feature wall, which will make it appear even more spacious than it truly is. If you want to emphasise the shower area, go for a tall shower panel that gives off the illusion of height. Additionally, opting for bold colours will further accentuate the layout of the room. 

Make sure to get panels with water-proofing qualities to prevent splash damage on the walls. The inclusion of mosaic tiles around your wet room shower can also break the room up into sections in a non-overwhelming and constricting way!

Shower Accessories

If you would like to keep your showering area more contained, then we’d advise you to go for a shower screen constructed out of frameless glass. Since glass is see-through and not overly constrictive, it ensures that even a small wet room has a sense of spaciousness about it. If you want a bolder look, you can distinguish your showering section of the bathroom through a transparent smoky-black shade!

Although wet rooms don’t typically contain shower trays, you could install one if you wanted to. We recommend selecting a sleek low profile tray, as it right in with the room nicely and prevents the floor from becoming entirely wet when showering.


With all this newfound knowledge, you might be wondering where to start. Remember that wet rooms need to be designed from the ground up. Start with sealing and waterproofing the entire bathroom, install a sloped floor with a drain, then move on to other tasks such as fitting tiles and panels. With this, you should be good to go with designing your very own wet room!