Enhancing Any Style with Versatile Gemstones

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

An enormous rare blue gemstone has recently been certified as one of the largest corundums found in Sri Lanka, one of several countries in Southern and Southeast Asia well-known for its precious stones. Corundum is a type of mineral that includes two of the most highly-prized gems, sapphire, and ruby. These particular gems, as well as other striking semi-precious stones, always attract attention due to their shine, brightness, and vibrant colors.  Whatever their size or shape, the beauty and versatility of gemstones allow them to be accessorized in many different ways in order to enhance a look or complement an outfit. Whether they are worn in the hair for a wedding, used to customize clothing, or simply selected to create a unique piece of jewellery, gemstones are a great choice for an eye-catching embellishment.

Wearing Unique and Personalized Jewelry

Wearing jewelry made with gemstones is a simple way to add glamor and fun to any outfit and, in collections of large gold and silver jewelry, the brightness of a colored gem is particularly eye-catching. In addition, a custom-made gemstone adds individuality to a piece of jewelry, because as well as being able to pick out the desired size, shape and cut of any stone, even the depth of color saturation can be chosen. From a pretty pave engagement ring to bold ruby earrings, gemstones add personality and sparkle to any look or occasion.

Creating Versatile Hair Ornaments

Dotting single gems through an updo adds understated sparkle to any look, but now a new trend for more elaborate and impressive hair ornaments has taken off. Instead of attaching traditional hair slides, clips, and combs, the latest fashion involves wearing necklaces, brooches, and earrings to create and embellish a range of hairstyles. With a little adaptation and the clever use of bobby pins, a small gemstone earring will add a subtle glint to a side parting. Larger necklaces encrusted with colored jewels can be worn on the head as a tiara or bandeau while covering the head with a mix of vintage and unique gem-encrusted brooches creates a dazzling and distinctive look

Adding Embellishment to Clothes

As well as wearing gem-studded brooches as hair jewellery, they also lend themselves to embellishing items of clothing.  From rhinestone-studded belts and boots to wedding dresses scattered with pearls and crystals, sparkling jewels have been used to decorate garments for centuries. Rather than painstakingly sewing jewels to material, a much simpler way to add colour and individuality to a piece of clothing is to attach a gem-encrusted brooch or ornamental pin displaying a single stone. A colorful brooch can be used to revitalize a vintage blazer, while clip-on gemstone earrings are easy to attach to a pair of plain shoes.,

The simplicity of a gemstone can enhance any style by adding a splash of vivid color and sparkle. As well as being worn traditionally, versatile and striking gem-studded jewelry can enhance an outfit from head to toe.