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Curtain Design Trends for 2021

Successfully selected curtains give the environment completeness, transform the interior and create an atmosphere of coziness. We will tell you about modern ideas for window curtains and show you beautiful examples in the interior.

Roman Blinds

Today’s laconic furnishings are at the peak of popularity, but the pomp has gone into the background. Curtains with valance, pleats, and ruffles make the room obsolete. Instead, choose solid-colored Roman blinds made of light fabric if you wish to make a modern interior lighter but not frame the window opening with curtains. The uniqueness of these products is that they fit any style.

Roman Blinds in the Neoclassic Style

Owners of apartments on the upper floors can not use traditional tulle in the textile design. If the room has two windows and a beautiful view, try to include as much of it as possible in the picture. For a harmonious composition of the interior of any room, it is enough to hang up monochrome drapes of dense fabrics, echoing the bedspread, upholstery of the sofa, or the headboard.

The Combination of Translucent Curtains and Drapes

This option is appropriate in both classic interiors and modern ones. Combine thick curtains several shades darker than the walls with sheer curtains.

The light fabric will dampen the sunlight during the day and hide from prying eyes, and the essential curtains will be helpful in the evening to create a more private atmosphere. This approach suggests as many as three scenarios for using curtains.

Asymmetric Curtains in the Interior

A light combination of tulle and a thick drape on one side is an attractive solution for those who are not afraid of experiments and appreciate individuality in the interior.

If the environment tends to have natural simplicity and environmental friendliness, use a curtain made of raw materials, ideally from undyed linen. Tulle will give the room an airy feel, and the curtain types will be the finishing touch to the design. An excellent alternative to transparent tulle is netting, organza, and veiling.

Roller Blinds

Simple textile products in the form of rolls are indispensable in small living rooms and kitchens — when opened, they give full access to light, and when closed, they protect from views from the street.

Roll-up blinds do not require special care and may be hung up without fear in rooms with a lot of cooking. If the window aperture is re-equipped into a workplace, roller blinds will be a convenient addition to it.

Roman Blinds Plus Blackout

Option for those who strive for coziness but do not tolerate the standard pair of “drapes-tulle.” The color scheme depends on the interior design, but the contrasting combinations look the best.

Short Roman blinds of light shades allow you to regulate the amount of light entering the room, and a dense, rich fabric “blackout” completely darkens the room. 

Open Windows

Creating an interior in the Scandinavian style, try not to hang curtains, so natural light enters the room unhindered. The Nordic trend implies unity with nature and the lightest and lightest possible forms.

If the view outside the window is not pleasing, use natural pastel shades. Also good is a graphic accent print, which you can repeat on decorative pillowcases or bedspreads.


Metal and wooden structures have become less popular because they are quickly covered with dust and make noise when used. Instead, it is more convenient to use textile, paper, or bamboo analogs; they are not difficult to find in a ready-made form in the mass market. Another option is narrow Japanese panel curtains.

Any of the above products can be supplemented with regular fabric curtains.

Two Curtain Types and Tulle

If the Scandinavian style is not your liking and the interior gravitates towards the classics, combine tulle with two dense curtain types in contrasting colors.

The upper layer of the drapery will have a decorative function; it will look great with garters. To not overload the environment, choose tulle without patterns and monochrome drapes with an unobtrusive texture.

When you recreate a classic style, give preference to natural or semi-synthetic fabrics with a matte texture (velvet, velour, tapestry-jacquard): a glossy sheen often cheapens the interior.

Double-Sided Draped

Curtains with lining are still relevant, especially in traditional interiors. These are fabrics sewn together with the wrong sides facing inward, and they successfully darken a room (bedroom, home theater) and perform a decorative function, adding luxury to the interior.

To demonstrate the second layer, we also recommend the use of girts.

Curtains Boho

Modern design allows you to experiment with the creation of the window, using a variety of fabrics and products — there are no strict restrictions. Choose maximum functional boho curtains which are easy to care for.

Boho can be considered a reflection of your inner world, a manifestation of inner freedom and your habitual way of life. You can only create this design with your own hands because every detail reflects you.

Please do not consider this style strictly antique, and it coexists perfectly with antiques purchased at a flea market or brought back from a trip, as well as modern household appliances.

Boho-style curtains for the living room have no limits in the choice of colors, and everything is limited only by your imagination. You can make the whole interior one color or create a crazy mix with a combination of even those colors that do not match. The boho style adheres to noble saturated or muted colors: burgundy, purple, azure, emerald.

You can use checkerboard or stripes of the patterns, such as ethnic or plant prints or geometric patterns. To find curtains that you like, go to a specialized curtain salon. There you will find various solutions that can make your living room unique and unsurpassed.

Boho welcomes eco-friendly interior solutions. However, could you not take it as an axiom? As for materials and textiles — there are no restrictions. You can use whatever you like and what you can afford. However, roller blinds and blinds in this interior will be unacceptable. You can use thick, heavy curtains, but not blinds. In boho, textiles are preferred.