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Best iPhone Cases of 2022

iPhone cases are as necessary as the phone itself. Because cases not only flaunt their sleek, flat-edged design, and stunning color but also protect them from scratches and other damages. Without any phone case, your iPhone will lose its glamour within a few months if you don’t properly take care of it.

Fortunately, there is a huge variety of best protective phone cases that are available in the market. Whether you are looking for a slim case, a folio case, or a case that protects your camera lens, you can easily find them at a reasonable price.

In this review, we will cover the top 10 best iPhone cases of 2022 to protect your iPhones. Let’s get started…

Best iPhone Cases of 2022

  1. Zebra Case for iPhone

Zebra case is a heavy-duty protective case available for all the latest models of iPhone. It is made of polycarbonate that is 200 times stronger than glass. Polycarbonate is a lightweight material that doesn’t increase the weight of your iPhone.

This zebra case is Drop Test Certified which is a 10-foot Military Drop Test Certification. It means that if you use this case, your iPhone won’t be damaged if it’s dropped from a 10-feet height. Further, its 360o protection feature protects all sides of the phone. 

The case comes with raised shock absorbent rubber sides, an anti-scratch UV coating, a beveled camera hole design to protect its lens, and an easy-press-protected button for a better user experience. Above all, the case is also compatible with wireless charging. 

  1. Moo Cow iPhone Case

Moo Cow iPhone cases are handmade cases that are made of rubber. The durable protective black rubber bumper protects your phone from dreaded drops. All pieces of Moo Cow cases are unique i.e. no two pieces of the case will be the same.

These cases are specially designed for only iPhone XR. However, you can customize them according to your iPhone model. Moo Cow cases have a precise opening for charging ports, cameras, and buttons. That’s why you can get comfortable access to all tactile buttons on the iPhone.

  1. Colorful Marble iPhone Case

Marble iPhone cases are specially designed for men. These cases are made of different materials like rubber and thermoplastic polyurethane. Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane, high-definition printing, and incredible intuitive design make your phone different and appealing. Further, its color doesn’t fade due to IMD technology. 

Its raised lip offers extra protection to the camera and screen glass. You won’t face any difficulties when pressing side buttons due to its flexibility. Colorful marble case can withstand many dreadful drops.

  1. Watercolor Branch Case for iPhone

The Watercolor Branch isn’t only an ultra-lightweight case but also comes with a sleek design. This durable flexible case gives you the perfect Grip on your phone. Plus, it is a shock-absorbent TPU case that comes with an anti-fingerprint finish. Its weight is only around 26g.

The case has a 1.5 mm raised lip around the camera that protects it from cracks and smudges. Plus, it has raised top and bottom edges that offer maximum screen protection. That’s why its screen won’t shatter when hitting the ground from around 10 feet in height. 

  1. Colorful Onyx Marble Case

Colorful Onyx Marble cases are made of quality materials that not only keep them lightweight but also offer maximum protection. The case protects your phone from scratches, smudges, and cracks. The most important thing about this case is that it doesn’t destroy the stunning look of your iPhone.

In addition to this, the case comes with easy-press buttons that don’t hinder usage. You will get a smooth user experience when using your iPhone with Onyx Marble Case.

  1. Floral Splash Case

Floral Splash case is compatible with all the latest models of iPhones. It is made of thermoplastic polyurethane. Its precise cutouts help you to easily access all buttons, cameras, speakers, ports, and other openings.

Its flexible TUP protects your iPhone from scratches. The clear and fashionable floral splash preserves the original look of your phone. These designs are made of unique printing techniques so these patterns won’t fade or rub off.

  1. Grunge Mountains Case for iPhone

Grunge Mountains case comes with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell and super-bright colors. The case has a protective lip that protects the lens from scratches and smudges. Its slim-fitting with stunning design gives you full access to ports.

The case is flexible that gives you access to all tactile buttons of the iPhone. Grunge Mountains case is perfectly suitable for both men and women. Above all, it comes with a 360o protection feature that protects your iPhone in case of dreadful drops.

  1. Orange Stone Art Case for iPhone

The Orange Stone Art case is durable enough to protect your iPhone from horrible drops. It fits perfectly into your iPhone and gives it a pretty look. The case has all features that you may want to see in a reliable and affordable case.

Its high-definition printing and incredible intuitive design make your phone appealing. Besides its charming look, it keeps your phone crack-free and undamaged.

  1. Colored Paisley Case

The Colored Paisley case is one of the best-selling cases. It is not only beautiful but also reliable and protects your iPhone from scratches in case of dreadful drops. The case is a slim fit and has a slight lip that protects the front glass and lens. Besides, it gives easy access to all button controls and ports.

  1. Blooming Flowers of Spring Case

Blooming Flowers of Spring case is made of the latest material that can endure scratches and scuff marks. Plus, it is anti-fingerprint and easy to clean as well.

The case is not only shockproof but also it is anti-yellow. It means that its color will never fade. It comes with a fashionable design print that makes it one of the finest choices for girls. Above all, it can be a perfect gift for your friends and family. 

Wrapping Up

In this review, we have enlisted the top 10 iPhone cases that you can buy in 2022 for the protection of your iPhone. These cases not only protect your devices but also give them a fresh and unique look. All cases are available at an affordable price. Further, you can get a 15% discount if you purchase 2 or more iPhone cases from Moody Case.