3 Items That Prove Fashion Can Also Be Comfortable


For centuries, beauty standards from all parts of the world have made comfort a secondary concern, especially for women. Whether we’re talking corsets or high heels, we tend to associate fashion with pain. If it doesn’t hurt at all, are you even trying?

But we have long since outgrown that idea, at least on an intellectual level. The fashion industry is taking some time to catch up to modern thinking, but it’s getting there. We now have brands that focus on comfort, both in a physical and emotional sense, without compromising on aesthetics.

If you’re trying to change the way you experience fashion, try the following 3 types of clothing.


I’m a fan of skirts, as they can look great and feel good too. However, they are limited in their functionality. If you want to ride a bike, you’re in trouble. If you want some fabric in between your legs to keep from sweating and chafing, you’re out of luck.

This is where the skort comes in. Originally designed for cyclists, skorts are essentially shorts that resemble skirts. They have fabric that goes around them so that they look the part without compromising on the comfort.

Skorts are particularly useful for those of us who don’t have that mythical thigh gap. The fact is that very few people have thighs that never touch. On hot summer days, skirts can get incredibly uncomfortable for this reason. Try a skort and experience how much freer it can make you feel.

Board Shorts

Swimwear is another sector of the fashion industry that seems to forget that women have different body types. Bikinis have long been seen as an ideal, even though a large proportion of women just don’t feel comfortable in them. Even those who are happy with how their bodies look in bikinis have to deal with the low level of coverage they get from the garment.

A pair of women’s board shorts can give you the comfort and freedom you deserve when at the pool or the beach. Board shorts come in different lengths to complement different body types. They are versatile, and you won’t feel the expectation to cover up as soon as you leave the poolside.

No matter how much you love how your body looks, bearing so much skin in the sun can be dangerous and painful. Get swimwear that is comfortable and brings out your personality in colors and patterns.

Thigh-High Boots

If you ask most men about their favorite pair of shoes, they’ll speak glowingly about how comfortable they feel. If you ask women the same question, they’ll focus on how great the shoes look. Comfort is simply not part of the equation.

That does not have to be the case, and a good pair of thigh-high boots prove it. Whether you go with a flat boot or one with a wedge, thigh-high boots feel great and always look cool. Of course, they’re good for winter but not a good idea on a hot summer’s day.

If you’re concerned about animal welfare, you can get beautiful pairs of boots that are made from synthetic materials. Leather is no longer the be-all-and-end-all in fashion. Great clothing should not have to cause anyone pain.

Fashion does not have to hurt to look good. The idea that women need to experience pain in order to shine is very outdated. Unfortunately, society is taking a while to catch up. If you are open to trying different things, you will find that there are many items of clothing out there that feel as good as they look.