The Benefits of Capturing Precious Moments


 Since featured on phoenix98 fm, Asami Yamagishi and her trademarked invention of happiness, CucuCharm  is increasing their Global Presence. 

Mille Heureux LLC founder Asami Yamagishi discusses her invention, the trademarked bag charm “CucuCharm.”

The French term “Mille Heureux” means “a thousand happiness’s”. Costumes, wedding dresses, and uniforms from ballets and concerts are turned into charms for bags at Mille Heureux. What a treat it would be if the costumes that brighten our lives could live on in a small bag charm!

The idea is to bring happiness to others. This is what Asami Yamagishi has been doing for years. 

The special thing about Asami’s initiative is the way she transforms special moments into lasting memories and happiness for her clients.

We all have experiences to cherish, whether they are weddings, ballet performances or the birth of a precious child. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back on those memories as treasured moments? The things we own are physical representations of our memories. 


Born in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Asami became a well-known craft maker and designer who created the CucuCharm, small cloth accessories after leaving the Architect Company.

Although Asami’s primary focus is on her website and social media, where she sells most of her products, she has also started teaching people how to make their own tiny cloth accessories, CucuCharm. 

Throughout the years, her workshops have proved popular amongst people of all ages and backgrounds.

 Capturing every moment:

In response to a question about hardships she faced, Asami said:

 If people don’t see your products, they won’t know about you. To show people what I have to offer, I make it a point to spread the word. My social media accounts are updated regularly.

 Although I had limited experience in dressmaking at first, my architectural structural skills enabled me to create attractive cloth accessories because of the perspective aイメージnd the way they are rendered.

Third, I found that business trips to central cities, such as events and exhibitions of works, were expensive and very exhausting which is why I am excited to also be able to share through online and world wide.

Today, the desire to work from home has changed people’s perceptions, which has enabled me to offer people in my local town online creative services that are not limited to face-to-face interactions. 

We can now offer our items and conduct workshops not only to domestic areas, but also to fans in other countries thanks to the Internet.

 As a company, we provide costume fittings online by having customers send us images of the costumes they want via Gmail or our homepage. Among our other products are the tiny cloth bag charms, called CucuCharms. These are made based on images provided by customers.

CucuCharm has prepared a training kit for those who would like to see how tiny cloth bag charms are made. This initiative, she believes, can bring smiles across nations, cultures, and genders, as well as beyond many other differences.

As we have said, it can be enjoyed by both women and men, as well as people of all ages and genders.