Looking Hip: 5 Spring Street Style Tips

Trends come and go every year, leaving the fashion-conscious struggling to keep up. It can feel like everyone else has some secret fashion guidebook before you do.

No other season is as important as spring. In the fashion world, winter is the season of dark, heavy knit sweaters and will coat. But spring sets the stage for the coming year—the patterns and trends you see in spring dictate those you’ll see for the rest of the year!

So, to help you get a jump on the trends, we put together this guide to spring street style. Keep reading for all our advice on the key fashion trends for spring!

1. Avoid Fast Fashion

Rapidly evolving fashion and easily available cheap clothing have led to an environmental nightmare. Sites like Shein offer between 700 to 1,000 new styles every single day!

Shoppers buy them for incredibly low prices, wear them once or twice, and throw them away. Fast fashion has resulted in a great surplus of clothing and is incredibly wasteful.

In addition, these clothes are low-quality, and easy to damage. As you follow our fashion tips, try to do so by picking a few versatile pieces that are high quality and will last you a long time. The environment and your wallet will thank you, and you’ll find that you look more refined and put together.

2. Shoes First

Sneakerheads have always known that shoes are the literal and figurative foundation of your outfit. If you buy a pair of statement shoes, you want to show them off with minimalistic, basic outfits for the perfect street style.

We recommend the Air 1s as your go-to street shoes for spring. There are tons of styles to choose from, and they can match almost every outfit.

3. Layers

Spring is all about layers. The temperature can fluctuate dramatically from morning to day time to evening, not to mention sudden rain showers. Dress for the season by dressing in layers!

Make it interesting with different lengths. For instance, pair a trench coat with a waist-length sweater, or tie a cardigan around your waist. Even if you use only neutral tones, layering can add interest to your look.

4. Flowy and Flowery

Spring is the season of flowers and light breezes, so reflect this in your wardrobe! Use flowy maxi skirts, bold floral print, and bright spring colors to create a stand-out look.

To add a touch of polish, pair them with a chunky belt and/or a blazer. This makes your fun spring look appropriate for the office and an evening date.

5. Oversize Shirts

Oversize shirts are the easiest way to spruce up your look. And, they’re very affordable. You can even get them second-hand for just a few bucks.

An oversized men’s shirt looks incredible over a silk cami or a light dress. It adds a bit of warmth and dresses you down a bit so you look classy without looking over-dressed.

Develop Your Spring Street Style

Hopefully, this guide will have helped you identify a few spring street style trends to try for yourself! Developing your personal style is a matter of trial and error, so be sure to experiment and see what works best for your body and your lifestyle. You can’t go wrong with our tips, so start there and see what sticks!

If you enjoyed learning about the key fashion trends for spring, we have lots of style advice on our blog. Check it out for more!