How To Choose The Right Tote Bag For Your Style

Blank white tote bag canvas fabric with handle mock up design. Close up of woman holding eco or reusable shopping bag and using smartphone near grey wall. No plastic bag and ecology concept.

Tote bags are definitely the best fashion accessory this season. They are so versatile and useful in almost every situation.

From a formal office outfit to a casual beach ensemble, you will find the perfect tote bag to finish off your look. Because of its size, you can fit all your workday, beach day, and everyday essentials into one bag.

You can try pelli bag for finding an perfect tote bag with its oversized handles and no closing zipper. The original design has come a long way since tote bags nowadays are being styled to suit any occasion.

If you are looking to find the right tote bag for your style, here’s a guide on how you can choose the right one:

1. What Is Your Style?

Your fashion style may be inspired by trends, your personal interests or a bit of both. Choosing a tote bag that suits your style and personality is the way to go. Finding the right style that is appropriate to where you’re going is very important. It would be best to have a tote bag for a casual day out and a formal one for a corporate office look

Make sure to visualize how you’d look with the tote bag that you’re going to choose. Keep in mind that a bag is the most important accessory because it complements your outfit, defines your style and completes your look. Before buying one, ask yourself this, when and where do you plan to use it? How do you want your style to be perceived by others?

However, you decide to choose, just know that there is a tote out there that exudes your taste and style.

2. Material Matters

These multifaceted fashion items are available in many shapes and forms, made from different types of fabric and materials. Silky smooth satins, cool cotton, glossy vinyl, and durable leather are some of the choices you would have when selecting one to match your style.

While the leather and satin add more class to a formal outfit, the vinyl and cotton options could add more fun to a casual outing. It’s ideal to get different insulated picnic tote bags that you can use for individual situations.

3. Color Combos

With minimalistic styles being in fashion this season, you can choose both plain and colored tote bags that could match a variety of outfits. Always remember that a splash of color from your accessory goes a long way in your whole fashion ensemble.

Light browns, pastel colors and toned-down designs may be in fashion, but having that one statement piece to tell your story is always a win. Bright colors may attract just the right amount of attention to make you the talk of the town at any function.

Adding a bright red tote may kickstart your mood and illuminate an otherwise dull day. Peachy coral or blue and white stripes may give you the perfect beach vibe while a matte black could add more sophistication to your work day. 

Color is as important as the style itself, so, be mindful in choosing one that would reflect your personality.

Canvas tote bag mockup template

4. Embellished Elegance

Embellishments can look very stylish and add character to your tote bag. Tassels may add playfulness to the look and intricate stitching pattern is a must for any city slicker. Big buckles or broad straps also add a specific flair to the look of your tote.

If your tote bag does not have any embellishments, feel free to add some by purchasing a clip-on tassel or tie a big ribbon to one of the handles. You can even have interchangeable embellishments so you can dress up or dress down your bag according to your itinerary.  

Choosing the right embellishment is almost as important as choosing the right tote. You have to make sure that the embellishments suit your style and adds to the look, and not stealing the spotlight.

Carrying It Through

Spruce up your outfit with a tote bag that is just as stylish as you are. Make it your own by adding your own embellishments or choose one in a bright color.

The slouchy chic trend is here to stay so you might as well join the bandwagon and get one based on your style and preference. This article will help you find the right tote bag for you, that would not only enhance your fashion statement but open up your mind to endless ideas on how to choose a tote bag of your own..

Tote bags are a must this season so, whatever you do, don’t get caught up without one.