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Green Tea Extract Benefits

Tea has been a part of human culture in many cases – just as an enjoyment, for rituals, or even for health benefits. Green tea has been exceptionally advertised for the many positive biological effects it can have. visit

Containing a wide variety of biologically active compounds green tea extracts can bring a lot of benefits in a fast and easily consumable way like the tea itself. 

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the benefits green tea extract can bring to you. Read further on!

The anti-oxidative potential of green tea extract

Most probably most of you have heard that green tea is full of antioxidants and all the benefits this brings. 

A high concentration of antioxidants like many polyphenolic compounds – resveratrol, pterostilbene, and others can reduce oxidative stress caused by radicals like reactive oxygen and nitrogen species – highly reactive molecules capable of damaging the healthy structure of your body.

Not only that, these same molecules can interact with enzymes in your body promoting your own natural anti-oxidative mechanisms to fight these reactive species.

Promote weight loss

Green tea extract supplements have been a part of the fitness industry for some time. As they are rich in catechins, caffeine, and other compounds, these molecules can help to reduce weight by promoting thermogenesis and increasing metabolism.

Other scientific studies suggest that compounds in green tea extract might alter levels of blood sugar and fat – increasing their muscle uptake hence leading to their use for energy.

Green tea extract could improve liver function

The same catechins in green tea extract showed a reduction in inflammation caused by various liver diseases. People who used this extract had a reduced level of liver enzymes and fat which suggests that liver health has improved.

The extract could benefit your skin

Maybe we all have seen a person with tea bags in their eyes trying to relieve bags under their eyes. Thanks to anti-oxidants in green tea extract, the use of such supplements and cosmetics can reduce inflammations leading to faster healing.

The same anti-oxidative potential can slow down skin aging, retain skin elasticity by fighting the same reactive molecules and also protect from UV leading to damaged skin or even skin cancer.

Could reduce risks of cancer

As we mentioned, active compounds like luteolin in green tea extract are useful to absorb reactive molecules and UV radiation that can lead to damaged cells. Many times our body can get rid of such cells by itself, but helping it to reduce such occurrences is a good idea.

We would like to mention, that green tea extract could also be beneficial in the treatment of cancer as a way to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy by reducing inflammation.

Green tea extract could improve the condition of diabetics

To all the benefits described above, scientists have identified also that compounds like chrysine in green tea extract can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. This also leads to better sugar uptake in muscles leading to direct use of these sugars for energy.

Good for blood system health

The same oxidative effects described before are beneficial for our blood system as well. Many reactive radical molecules can damage healthy lipids, lipoproteins, cholesterol, and similar molecules. This can in fact lead to sedimentation on the walls of blood walls which leads to atherosclerosis.

Also, green tea extract could also improve the condition of your cardiovascular system and reduce the negative effects of heart conditions like myocarditis and others.

In conclusion

Green tea extract has many beneficial effects that are easy to introduce and supplement in your daily diet. So many antioxidants and other biologically active compounds can help you improve your everyday life. We definitely suggest it boosts your body.