Glamorous Ideas for the Sweetest Sweet 16

Before women plan their own weddings and prepare for their 18th birthday, women first idealize what would their sweet 16 birthday celebration be like. Sweet 16 is one of the most looked-up birthday celebrations, it is the age of teenage years wherein women start talking a lot about cute boys, gossip, clothing, jewelry, and they begin to hang out with their friends a lot. Taking risks and finding out themselves is part of the process for women to truly find themselves. With this, their friends start to anticipate the time they turn 16 and wait for that invitation card to attend the party and revel in with their crowd. It will be one of the most memorable celebrations of women’s lives, not to mention the fact that it usually is the first grand party a woman is going to be a part of before having their 18th birthday or having to attend their weddings in the future. When women turn 16, they start to think about the future and how far they’ve come, they will start to realize they are two years closer to reaching adulthood and have their independence. For this reason, it is a critical time to enjoy their youth and make the most out of it!

So, whether you are a parent who’s supportive of your child’s growth or the birthday celebrant itself, we prepared some guidance to get your party going.

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Design your Cards         

             Before we get to the good part, you must first invite family and friends. When you invite them, you can use invitation cards and have them mailed directly. Take note that your invitation cards should contain important information such as: where the party is going to be held, the time of the party, the theme, and what the celebration is about. You can also add the list of the program and design it to your liking while it complements your party theme.

Blast some Music

One of the main highlights of the party is your music. Make sure you prepared a playlist for the program and that it fits with your theme. Other than this, take into account that your guests are full of young people, they need to be able to relate to the music playing to enjoy it and sing along with their favorite artists. Once you already set the playlist, do not also forget to sort the playlists depending on the parts of the program, there would be moments that only background music is needed and there would be moments when the attendees love to get hyped up on the dance floor.

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Set the Table

             Besides the importance of music, people go to parties to take pictures and eat food that is not typically prepared on a normal day. For this reason, you can fashion an affordable buffet and have it ready on your table with designs and good placements. It will allure your guests to take pictures before savoring their meal.  

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Get your Perfect Fit

             The real deal is also on what the celebrant wears and how they wear it. Sweet 16 dresses are anticipated because they represent the celebrant, and they are going to be the star on that special day. All eyes will be focused on the girl who just turned sixteen, hence it is looked upon that they are going to look vibrant and glamorous in their occasion. In choosing the dress, the wearer itself should see themselves with it and that they feel comfortable as they will be using that dress for the rest of the party. It should also be a good match for their footwear. 

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Spend the Party Right

             Lastly, do not get too caught up with how the party looks! Yes, it is crucial to critically observe what is bound to happen at that party, but on that special occasion, note that it is a special day for the celebrant, nothing is more important than the feeling that their day is being celebrated well with good music, good food, the right dress, and the right people.

We hope this helps! Have the sweetest sweet 16!