Finding the Best Type of Lantern Camping Light for Your Activity

Each lantern kind has its own set of benefits. On different scales, weight, power supply, and light output can all be significant. If you’re setting up a base camp with a large kitchen area, you’ll probably need a bright light, which is where a fuel-burning lamp shines. Candlelight may suffice if you wish to play cards with your mates in a cabin. Below is a quick guide to help you choose the best lantern camping light for your favorite camping activity.

  1. LED lamps are ideal for backpacking excursions

If you’re going on a quick backpacking trip, an electric LED light will suffice. Because of its compact size and low weight, it’s easy to store in your bag, and if you have a hook or lanyard, you can hang it inside your tent as a reading light. Depending on the length of your journey, you may need to pack some extra batteries. Another fantastic feature is the increased water resistance – you never know what kind of weather you’ll encounter, especially whether trekking in the fall or spring! There are also some wonderful multipurpose lanterns with USB chargers, and you can even recharge them on the move if you buy a solar panel.

You may even bring a candle lantern; however, it is encouraged that folks carry a headlamp as a backup light. On an outdoor journey, bringing a candle lantern as your sole source of illumination is not a smart idea.

  1. Backpacking expeditions that last longer

If you want to spend longer than two nights in the bush, invest in a larger LED light or a small fuel-burning lantern. A lantern camping with a longer average burn duration is required. In general, a higher lumen output indicates a brighter lantern with a larger battery. The camping lantern is heavier when the battery is greater.

Do the following easy computation to make sure you’re on the correct track: Calculate how many nights you’ll be trekking and the time of sunset in the region you’ll be hiking in. Calculate how many hours of light you’ll require per night – Because you will be asleep for several hours, 8 hours of darkness does not imply that you require 8 hours of light. Multiply this figure by the number of nights you’ll be camping, then add 5 hours for additional time in case of an emergency.

  1. Camping by car

You may also bring bigger lamps if you like more comfortable camping types, such as vehicle camping. Mountain bikers, trail runners, and family holidays all enjoy car camping.

A heavy fuel-powered lantern or a large battery-powered light can be stored in your automobile. Because you won’t have to carry any items in your bag, you’ll have more possibilities. You may use any camping lantern you choose, no matter how huge or heavy it is, and you can carry lots of extra fuel if you want to use it at maximum intensity.


Each sort of camping lantern has its own set of benefits, and it all depends on whether you’re going on a hiking trip or have access to a vehicle or RV. If you’re deep in the woods, choose lanterns with plenty of light.