7 Hairstyles for Sensitive Scalps

If you avoid making your favorite hairstyles because of your sensitive scalp, well, you must go through this page that lists some unique hairdos that won’t exert any stress on your scalp. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there who are forever looking for easy-to-make and protective hairstyles for their sensitive scalps.


Care for your hair

Before you go ahead and start experimenting with different styles, you must know how to prep your hair. Exposure to the severe climate or outside toxins and harsh chemicals of hair products is already damaging the scalp and the hair. Try a shampoo for sensitive scalps, and the first step is to clean and detangle the hair. Use a wooden brush to gently comb and massage your hair to distribute the scalp’s natural oils down the hair cuticles for some natural conditioning. It is vital to keep the scalp in good condition for hair growth and for making hairstyles.


Below are some protective hairstyles that are very simple to make, comfortable, and prevent breakage. These protective hairstyles will keep your hair safe and the scalp comfortable even when you sleep.


  • Make a loose plait
    Go ahead and dress up your hair in a loose plait or you could even try a side plait. Use a scrunchie to hold your hair gently, and this is the perfect hairstyle for you that you could use on a daily basis at home or when going outside. 
  • A twisted top bun
     Another great option is to go for a twisted top bun, and it is so simple to make! All you need to do is take your hair and twist it at the top and secure it with a claw clip on your head. You can position the clip anywhere, in front, at the side but avoid placing it behind as it won’t be comfortable for you when you rest or sleep. 
  • Go for a twisted rope braid
     Twisted rope braid is very popular, and here you part the hair in two sections. Grab one section, give it a twist, and do the same for the other section. Later, twist the two sections together once each of them is twisted properly. The hairstyle will give your hair a look like a rope. You can use a hair tie or clip to secure the hair gently.


The above-listed hairstyles are ideal for those with sensitive scalps as they are not only comfortable and easy to make but protective as well. Try them all out even if you have long hair, and with a little practice, you can get creative and add some more twists to your hairstyles. Soon, you will discover which one works best for you.


Take good care of your sensitive scalp and follow the direction of your hairstylist and physician to keep your hair in good condition. It is essential to stimulate blood flow to the scalp to keep it healthy and free of any issues and for healthy hair growth.