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What to know about Beard line ups

Personal grooming has become a growing fad with men changing their outlook. A proper beard lineup is one of the surest ways to get a complete makeover and leave the freshly groomed face. Void Homme offers a great array of beard grooming products to properly take care of your beard lineup.

A fresh beard using the best beard wax from makes all the difference and raises the confidence levels instantly improving the outward appearance. The beard is fundamental in ensuring that a beard lineup plays its part in bringing out distinct features of the face. For instance, finding the right depth and breadth according to individual face shape is important.

After finding the right beard size and shape, finding the right beard lineup comes next. This involves defining and shaping it according to the proper angle suited to the face. It is therefore paramount to be able to line up the beard perfectly and distinctly to bring out the individual’s face to the greatest proportion.

With an image of the look, one wants to achieve and have, the perfect beard lineup will propel the individual to check out possible inspirations from potential individuals that they emulate.

However, what is some of the common yet pointers to consider when choosing the right beard lineup?

Choosing the right beard lineup technique is dependent on several factors:

  • The shape of the face

The choice of the beard is greatly influenced by the shape of the face. Oval faces are more versatile as the individual can have any type of beard with them. Square faces require a fuller beard while round faces go well will longer beard. Faces that have a rectangular appearance are best suited with beards that are longer on the sides and shorter at the chin, to give a balanced appearance. 

  • Hair type

Straight hair tends to grow longer and faster as compared to curly hair. Individuals with curly hair often struggle with maintaining it and shaping it to the style required. 

  • Type of haircut

The type of haircut greatly influences the style and shape of the beard. For instance, beard line ups take shape depending on the shape of the beard, thus, faded sideburns work well with a line haircut.

How to line up the beard

After determining the above factors, an individual can choose whether to line you his beard or go to a professional. This procedure is not complicated and only requires precision and accuracy to come up with a well-groomed mane. 

The first step is to find the beard neckline. The right beard neckline should sit perfectly on the face without being too high or too low. The neckline boundary should sit horizontally from Adam’s apple to the ears. The cheek line should be from the sideburns to the mustache, and make a straight or slightly diagonal shape depending on preference.

These outlines are best done with an electric razor, to help draw the lines to be followed during trimming. The type of tools being used during this process will bring out definition to the face. 

Be sure to prepare the skin by rinsing it, patting it dry, and applying a pre-shave oil or cream. You can also apply a moisturizer to soften and hydrate the hair follicles. This helps make the trimming easier and smoother.

The next step is shaving everything below the beard neckline and above the cheek lines. Be sure to use the right razor for a precise and clean cut. Individuals with thick manes may start with a trimmer and advance to a razor to be able to remove the thick hair layer. 

Lining up the beard perfectly is an art. Therefore, taking time to line up the cheek line, neckline, and earlobes with the sideburns will give off a neat appearance.

After shaving, it is best to apply a soothing cream to prevent irritation and bumps. The shave should e as symmetrical as possible to give off a professional and polished look.

Maintaining a beard lineup

It is important to maintain a beard and ensure it remains neat at all times. The beard is one of the defining factors in a man’s face, and therefore, an unkempt beard is unbecoming and untidy. In the event one isn’t able to find time to maintain it, having a complete shave is recommended to keep a smooth and clean appearance. 

Beard maintenance comprises of giving it daily or weekly trimming, depending on how fast your hair grows out. Finding a good trimmer is essential, and knowing how to trim it proportionately is also a skill. Alternatively, one could visit the nearest barbershop to ensure a good job is done by professionals. 

After the trim, making sure it is always clean is the next agenda. Washing the beard daily helps get rid of grime, dirt, and lice. Be sure to use mild products such as shampoos and conditioners to prevent the skin from acting up. Afterward, apply suitable beard oil to keep it looking shiny and fresh. The beard oil also creates a supple environment for absorption. 

It is best to stick to only quality products that do not aim to fizzle out the beard or make it seem unkempt. It is also important to find a beard brush or beard comb that is different from the one used on the hair. This helps prevent contamination of the facial skin with hair products and dead skin cells that are present on the head.

The best hair products will ensure that the beard hair grows well while filling up the entire jaw that is attractive to the client.

Finding quality beard trimming tools is also vital. Be sure to invest in trimming tools, shears, and quality clippers for the perfect beard line ups. A good electric razor will also bring out precise and angular cuts depending on the style one is going for. 

The perfect beard trimming tools can be found online or offline depending on preference. These tools should be stainless steel to prevent reaction with the barber’s name. The stainless steel is also a ploy to acknowledge that the allergies and conditions are kept at bay.