What Supplies To Take For Your Dog On A Plane Ride

Often people become pet lovers unexpectedly for themselves: by adopting a stray dog, yielding to a child’s request, or in other ways. Whatever the reason, becoming the owner of a dog, one cannot help but be imbued with love and respect for these animals. That’s why we want to take it with us on every travel. We can take a limited number of animals with us on board, therefore the purchase of the service is subject to the current availability, which you should confirm each time. Do not forget to add the service at least 24 hours before departure and to check what conditions you should follow.

The plane will become a temporary habitat for the dog and there you need all the same things that you use at home. They can be bought online for example on the website of dog supplies Waudog.

If you have already taken care of the necessary things such as

  • an international passport
  • a chip
  • vaccinations
  • carriage – it is the most voluminous purchase. It is allowed to transport animals in the aircraft cabin only accompanied by an adult passenger, in a container or cage. The dimensions of the container or cage should not exceed the dimensions of 45x35x25 cm, and the total weight should not exceed 8 kg. The bottom of the container must be waterproof and covered with absorbent material.

you have no other worries than to buy accessories for dog online.

Buy dog collars online

One of the most common questions concerns the collar and leash: are they needed at all, and if so, how to choose it. The answer is: yes, you need both a collar and a leash if you want your dog to be easily controlled and obedient. After all, these are two important attributes for safety.

Remember that a collar and a leash are also needed for walking the doggy in crowded places and near the road, so that the dog around him and, accordingly, you are calmer. First of all, if it is in a new place – to buy dog collars online is an option for you. Online sites keep your time to you and your four-legged friend. For example in the store of dog supplies Waudog you can choose the best of the best collars and also buy dog harness online. There are options of 4 materials that are: leather, nylon, waterproof, re-cotton.

The collar also shows others that the dog has an owner, if suddenly, for some reason, the dog has fallen behind. And if he/she is lost, then the collar will help people find the owner, if you write the tour contacts and name on its backside, or hang a medallion with such information. Better, of course, to use both the inscription on the collar and the medallion. The great variant is represented by the website of dog supplies Waudog – a free smart QR tag with the free app comes complete with a collar. The worried hosts can now let go of the situation and enjoy their new journey.

Moreover, purchasing dog supplies doesn’t stop on it – you will also need a jacket ( if it’s cold in this country), food, and of course something that can replace the collar. To buy dog harness online before travel is essential because it can even replace the collar for you if something happens to it or you lose it.

If you are planning to travel for the New Year holidays don’t miss out on discounts when you buy accessories for dog online, remember – Black Friday is only once a year. Have a good trip!