What Are The Biggest Myths About Wigs And What Is The Truth?

With all of the wig myths to be found all around the web – wigs look unrealistic, wigs tumble off too easily, wigs are excessively costly – it’s no big surprise that wigs have an awful reputation in specific circles. Maybe you’ve been contemplating trying one, but the stories you’ve heard when you attempted to investigate have turned you off totally. This is unfortunate. However, you’re never past the point where a wig isn’t a good idea, and once you understand that most of the things written about them are false and there are many benefits to wearing one, you might just change your mind.

Despite popular belief, wigs are one of the most natural-looking hair loss remedies it’s possible to find. Furthermore, wigs are the ideal non-committal choice for experimenting with various hairstyles before making any permanent modifications to your actual hair. You don’t have to be losing your hair to wear a wig; you can wear one out of style or fashion choice or just because you want to – the choice is yours, and since there are so many available, looking more real now than ever before, right now is the best time to search through the styles and pick something that you love.

Considering that, we’re exposing the most predominant hairpiece confusions and myths and deciding if they’re valid or not to help you as you continue to look for the ideal hair, whether it’s yours or not. Read on to find out more.

Everyone Will Know I’m Wearing A Wig

Of course, this will depend on the wig, but if you buy a high-quality one from Poshglad Braided Wigs, for example, the fact is that no one is ever going to know you’re not showing off your very own natural hair.

This is the most popular of all the wig myths and is perhaps the one that people are most worried about. The good news is that it really is a myth, and, as we’ve said, most of the time, no one is ever going to know unless you choose to tell them, of course. If you choose the right wig, to begin with, it will never look out of place and will look entirely natural.

In the past, perhaps this idea was a little more accurate. Cheap wigs that weren’t well made and that didn’t have experts behind them would look like what they were; fake. Things have changed, however, and today’s wigs are meant to look entirely natural and healthy, so don’t be concerned about others noticing you’re wearing a wig; they almost certainly won’t.

Styling And Caring For Wigs Is Too Hard

The idea that styling and caring for a wig is hard maybe a widely held assumption, however, it is incorrect; it is another wig myth, although it can be easy to assume it’s correct when you first get started. Just think; nothing is easy when you first do it. Everything needs practice. The same is true for wig styling. So yes, at first it might be tricky to make your wig look as you want it to. But it doesn’t always need to be that way.

Making mistakes is a crucial part of the learning process. With practice, you should be able to style and care for your wigs as well as your favorite hairdresser. Simply said; don’t expect to become an expert overnight otherwise you’ll get frustrated and believe you’ll never be able to do it.

This is crucial. Many individuals get a wig, then discover they have to maintain it and style it precisely like their natural hair, and they decide it’s too difficult and abandon the idea altogether. However, the more you think about how to deal with your wig and how to style it, and the more you practice, the simpler it will become.

It’s probably better to call this wig myth a half-truth. For some, styling a wig is tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Put in the time and effort at the beginning, and you’ll soon be able to enjoy your wig-wearing without having to worry about keeping it maintained; it’ll simply come easily.

My Head Is Too Big/Too Small For A Wig

Another fallacy is that you must have an ‘average-sized head’ (whatever that may be) before you can consider wearing a wig. This will undoubtedly come as a comfort to many people who wanted to wear one but were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to find something that fits.

Finding the right fit for a wig is comparable to finding the right fit for a piece of clothing; you must know the right size. When a dress, for example, fits properly, it feels good, looks good, and attracts attention to your greatest attributes. The same is true with wigs. To calculate your wig size, you will need to take certain measurements of your head.

That’s it. Measure your head – or have someone else help you do this, as it can be hard to do this yourself – and then search for a wig you like. You should be able to then pick the right size so that it fits just right and feels comfortable. This is the key. If you’re comfortable in your wig, you’ll be confident in your wig, and that’s what a wig is there to do – give you confidence in yourself and your looks.

Buying A Wig Means You’re Stuck With One Hairstyle

Absolutely not! This is a major misconception, yet it is one that lots of people are concerned about. The truth is that there are three distinct reasons why the notion that you can only ever have one haircut while wearing a wig is incorrect.

The first reason is because of the care you take with it. Remember how we stated that practicing wig care and styling will ultimately make you into a wig specialist? You will be able to simply change your wig into a variety of styles after you grasp how to shape it properly. In other words, after you’ve figured out what you’re doing, you’ll be able to enjoy your wig and enjoy the variety of styles you can make from it.

The second argument is that you won’t have to wear the same wig for the rest of your life. All wigs degrade and wear out over time. If you wear your wig every day, a synthetic wig will last four to six months, but a real hair wig, for example, would last a year. The better the quality, the longer the product will endure. If you still wish to wear wigs after that period is over, you can change up your appearance by buying a new wig in a different style.

Maybe you wish to switch up your appearance more often than this. Again, this is a problem that’s easily sorted. Invest in a couple of less expensive synthetic wigs to experiment with different styles and change them as you want to.

My Wig Will Blow Off In The Wind Or Fall Off When I Bend Over

A wig falling off or coming off in some other way might be something that is used in the media to elicit a quick laugh, but it’s not true to real life, so we can mark the idea that a wig is going to tip off easily or blow away down as another myth. The truth is that a well-fitting wig should never slip off. Of course, that means that a wig that is too tight can snap off, while a wig that is too loose may slip off. But if you spend the time you need to measure your head accurately and buy a wig that fits you in the right way, you shouldn’t have any of these problems. Your wig should never slip off as long as you’ve been correctly fitted. Most wigs even include adjustable straps that let you modify the size of your wig by an inch or two if you really need to, making it even less likely you’ll run into a problem.

If you want to make extra sure your wig stays in place, consider using wig tape or a gel wig headband. Both of these items will assist you in ensuring your wig remains firmly in place. If you still have natural hair beneath your wig, you can secure it using toupee clips and bobby pins.

Wearing A Wig Every Day Will Stunt Hair Loss & Damage Skin

When it comes to wigs stunting hair development, we can clearly state that this is a misconception. It does not happen.

If you’ve lost your hair as a result of chemotherapy, for example, it’s understandable to be anxious about whether wearing a wig would hinder your natural hair from coming back. That, thankfully, is not the reality. Hair cells will grow whether they are hidden by a wig, scarf, or hat. This is not to say that your wig will not do damage to the skin underneath it, however. To avoid this problem, spend some time cleaning and moisturizing your scalp every day to prevent skin damage. A wig cap is also a great way to care for the skin beneath your wig.

Human Hair Wigs Always Look Better Than Synthetic Wigs

This is also another common misconception in the wig business. Many ladies are concerned that a synthetic wig may seem to be just that; synthetic. Or, in other words, something that doesn’t have quite the same look or feel as wigs made from human hair.

While this may have been true for our mother’s generation’s synthetic wigs, today’s synthetic wigs are much more complex. Modern synthetic wigs are produced with high-tech wig fibers that last and appear real over time. Unless you choose a very inexpensive synthetic wig, your wig should not have the strange shininess that synthetic wigs used to have. They will appear to be much more realistic, and if your budget doesn’t stretch to a real hair wig, they are an ideal way to still regain or find your confidence and ensure you have a gorgeous hairstyle no matter what.

Wigs Are Hot And Uncomfortable

Depending on the wig design you choose, numerous kinds of cap structures and wefting are available to assist airflow through the cap, keeping your head cool. This sort of ventilation allows air to circulate inside the cap.

Wearing a bamboo wig cap beneath your wig may also help keep your head cool since the bamboo fibers drain away moisture and keep heat away from the scalp. Wearing a wig cap may also assist to minimize oil build-up on the inside of the wig, allowing it to stay fresher for longer.

So the idea that a wig is always going to be uncomfortable is another myth. If you take the right care and buy the right wig, this won’t be a problem you need to deal with at all.

Wigs Are Expensive

Some wigs are expensive. Some wigs are very expensive. However, there are several low-cost choices available for a variety of budgets. Of course, it’s best to avoid very cheap wigs due to the issues we’ve mentioned above, but you should be able to find a good wig for a fair price. You don’t have to spend a fortune unless you want to, and you should never get into debt for a wig.

Wigs Are Only For Cancer Patients Or Older Women

Not only are young celebrities using wigs these days, but anyone you know, no matter what their age, could be using a fake hair product without your knowledge. In the twenty-first century, teenagers and young women use toppers, extensions, and even weaves to achieve thicker, more voluminous hairstyles.

The truth is that wigs are for everyone. You don’t have to have suffered hair loss, you don’t have to be a certain age, you don’t have to be anything or anyone except yourself, and if you want to wear a wig or even lots of different wigs, then why not? Wigs can be seen as a fashion accessory if you wish to, and you could have a different style for every occasion. The choice is always yours.