Tips on How to Dress and Groom for an Interview

Job interview - job applicant makes a good first impression

Dressing for an interview is very stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Most interviewees consider your first impression very much. Cleanliness and neatness are mandatory not only during the interview but also once you are employed. The way you dress tells people so much about you. Your dressing also determines the amount of respect the people near you accord you. During an interview, dressing to the occasion also shows how serious and ready you are for the job.

A good dress code also boosts your confidence and morale. While choosing an outfit, select a professional one. Do not choose an outfit that overexposes your skin. It is advised that before going for an interview, do your research and see how people who work there dress. By doing so, you will be able to know a little more about what to wear. The interviewer will also notice it, and he will be assured that you are more than willing to do all it takes to get the job and perform well.

Dressing and grooming are not what is needed for you to get a job. It helps you have an advantage over other competitors. You may get easy high paying jobs by looking professional.

Tips to consider while dressing for an interview

·Be clean and neat

Ensure that you are clean and your clothes are also clean and well-ironed. Your nails, face, teeth, and hair should be well-kempt and shaved appropriately.

·Empty your pockets

Avoid having too many items in your pockets. Things such as a mobile phone could distract you during the interview. A bunch of keys could also be noisy while you are moving from one point to another.

·Remove facial and body piercings

Piercings should be avoided and removed before interviews this is because they can lead to misjudgment. Piercings could also cause diverted attention as the interviewer might lose focus and look at them rather than listen to you.

·Keep fragrance and jewelry minimal

A good perfume is good as it ensures that you have a unique smell before the people around you. However, not everybody might like your scent, which means that if you apply too much of it, you will negatively affect them. Minimal jewelry is also the best plan because too much of it could tell more about you. People could also think that you are showing off.

Guidelines for women

There are also gender-specific guidelines that assist us in presenting a triumphant look and first impression.

ØWear an acceptable dress

While choosing a dress to wear, choose one acceptable by everyone and not one that will be questionable. Ensure that the skirt and dress are either knee-length or longer than that.

ØAvoid blouses or sweaters that expose your body too much

Don’t wear transparent clothes or tops which have very low necklines. Always consider covering your shoulders and avoid clothes that expose your midriff too.

ØAvoid dangling earrings

Such earrings cause distractions and could also be noisy. If you choose to wear earrings, only wear one pair.

ØWear flat shoes

Do not wear raised shoes as they might be noisy or even increase your chances of falling. While choosing shoes for an interview, it is also advised that you don’t select open shoes.

ØApply natural-looking makeup

Please don’t apply make-up to change your look. Only use it to make yourself better as stated by Style Vanity.

Tips for men

  • Wear a matching suit

When you choose a suit, ensure that it matches the coat, shirt, and shoes.

  • Socks should be calf length

They should also be of a standard color such as blue, grey, and black.

  • Choose your shoes with laces
  • The belt should be leather, and it should match your shoes
  • Ensure your hair is short and well-groomed.

This also includes the beard. Facial hair should also be freshly shaved.

While dressing and grooming for an interview, ensure it is done according to the universal guidelines as Career Wiseadvises. Good dressing and grooming boosts your confidence and give the interviewers an excellent first image of you. Your chances of qualifying for the job increase if you dress properly and appropriately.