How To Be A RN LTAC In Arkansas?

Nursing jobs are in demand nowadays due to the pandemic situation. One of the most in-demand is RN LTAC jobs. In Arkansas alone, there are a lot of jobs for them. It is better to know the salary of LTAC nursing jobs in Arkansas and the steps on How To Be A RN LTAC In Arkansas? In that way, you can weigh if the pay is enough for you to support your lifestyle and at the same time pursue your career as an LTAC Nurse. 

What Does a Long Term Acute Care Nurse Do?

LTAC nurses have a lot of duties and responsibilities that’s why they are paid higher because they have to cover a list of tasks such as:

Patient’s Assessment

It is part of LTAC nurses’ duty to assess the present condition of their patients during their watch. They have to make sure that the patient’s condition is stable. That’s why they have to know the history and be aware of the patient’s symptoms. 

Administration of Medications

LTAC nurses are allowed to administer intravenous fluids and medications for their patients. That’s why they have to be knowledgeable on the use and function of the medicine they are giving. Dosage and time accuracy is also a must. 

Assistance to the Physicians

A team of nurses and doctors needs to work together for the betterment of their patients. LTAC nurses act as assistance to the physicians who have to check the patients. In this way, they can work together to give the care the patients need. 

Responds to Life-savings Situations

LTAC nurses should have the critical thinking needed when it comes to giving treatments to patients especially those who need immediate attention. Training on basic life support (BLS) is a must for LTAc nurses so they can be able to address the patient properly when it comes to emergencies. 

Gives Support to Patients and their Families

Most patients handled by LTAC nurses are critical. To soothe the situation LTAC nurses serve as emotional support to the patient and their families. Patients who have to undergo long-term recovery can be emotional and LTAC nurses who stayed with them can help them recover physically and emotionally. 

What Are the Requirements to Become an LTAC Nurse?


Before one can be qualified to become an LTAC nurse one should have finished an Associate Degree in Nursing or Bachelor Of Science in Nursing and should have passed the NCLEX exam. Since registered nurses are the only ones accepted to work as LTAC nurses. Plus state license is needed in Arkansas for a hassle-free process you can ask for assistance from your travel nurse agency. 


At Least two years of experience in ICU, medsurg, progressive care, or emergency room is required.LTAC nurses are assigned to patients that need critical care that’s why they have to have on-hand experience in that way they will be ready to be assigned immediately once they arrive at their assignment. 


A Basic Life Support certificate is a must for LTAC nurses. They have to know how to execute basic life support to their patients since patients in the departments they will be assigned to have unstable conditions that need an immediate response just in case it’s needed. An Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certificate can be a plus. Having other certificates that can support your skills can also be good. 

How Much Do LTAC Nurses Earn A Year?

The range of salary an LTAC RN nurse can get in Arkansas is between $61,000 to $78,000 or even higher depending on their experience and expertise. Medical facilities that are in need of LTAC nurses can give a good offer for travel nurses.  

Is Acute Care The Same As Long Term Care?

They are actually opposite since acute care involves patients who have chronic illnesses or terminal conditions. The care they need is almost the same as long-term care since they also have critical conditions. But it is the opposite in the sense that long-term care will be given for a longer period. 

Now that your question on How To Be A RN LTAC In Arkansas? Is answered. You can now start preparing yourself to work as an LTAC nurse locally or in other areas where you are needed. Choose a good travel nurse agency that can help you get the assignment to Arkansas and start your journey there.