Gift Guide for Millenial Women

Decorations are already going up at shopping stores all across the land. The holiday shopping season is fast approaching! If you’ve been casting about for appropriate gifts for loved ones and still haven’t found that special something, you’re not the only one. But we’re here to help you check off the gift recipients on your list today.

For the millennial women in your life, here is our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.

EMT’s CBD Face Serum:

Elmore Mountain Therapeutics’ CBD Face Serum is designed to nourish, massage, and soothe your skin. Women of the millennial generation will love this serum for how it brings them great relief when they are suffering from sensitive, irritated and dry skin. The serum is formulated with a proprietary combination of fatty acids shown to benefit the skin, with an air-whipped CBD serum that soon penetrates your complexion gently and effectively.

This serum is meant to be applied to the face. Women can apply it to their skin as many as 3 times each day. If the person you plan to give this serum has a problem with extremely sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you give this as a present along with CBD balm.

The chief benefit of using a CBD face serum is how well it moisturizes your face and skin, which curbs the itching and painful sensations that come with overly dry skin. Keep in mind that ordinary CBD oil is not appropriate for applying to the face to alleviate painful dryness. This is because many CBD oils include MCT oil and other pore-clogging (comedogenic) carriers. Compare that to CBD face serum, which uses hemp seed oil as a carrier because it is non-comedogenic.

Kinetic Waist Bag From Athleta

For the millennial woman in your life who is always on the go and cannot be encumbered with a handbag, there’s an alternative way to hold essentials, from Athleta.

The Kinetic Waist Bag is an evolutionary leap from the fanny packs worn by the previous generation. This waist bag has enough storage space for keys, wallet, phone, and a snack, as well as that all-too-crucial face mask. It’s ideal for taking with you when your schedule is packed with meetings and errands. You can wear the Waist Bag on your waist, or higher up as a crossbody bag.

Avocado Pool Float From Flōtēz Inc.:

Millennial women have latched onto the growing popularity of avocados. In between ordering smashed avocado on toast at trendy restaurants, your recipient can show her love for avocados at home thanks to the Avocado Pool Float.

It’s suitable for a trip to the river or beach or when relaxing in a backyard pool. What’s fun about this pool float from Flōtēz Inc., is that you can pop out the center “pit” to use as a beach ball, which opens up space in the float for you to sit in as you hang out in the water.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

You may prefer to select something fun like an avocado-themed pool float or a more practical item for millennial women on the go like a waist bag. Or, you want to give a cannabis product such as EMT’s CBD Face Serum, which will also be a great expression of affection and love to those special people in your life during the 2021 holiday season. We hope you have a great celebration!