4 Tips To Kickstart A Career In Beauty

makeup artist beauty school

When it comes to changing careers, it isn’t a secret that the process can be quite daunting, especially if you’re moving from an adjacent career that has little to do with the industry you’re transferring into. 

However, with the right education and skill set on hand you’ll be able to make this transition much more effortless. You will be able to show employers that you know the processes of the day to day in the beauty industry and also be able to better assist the growth and sustainability of the business. 

Remember that with updated skills and a motivation to succeed in the business, you’re an employer’s key to success and they are likely to jump at the chance to employ you. 

1. Head to Beauty School 

One of the great things about the online world is that there is more and more on offer than ever before. That being said, you can effectively get into a course that is specifically for beauty with little to no issue at all, and with educational services like TSA you’ll be able to effortlessly slide into a degree or course that works for you. 

With that in mind, our first tip is to ensure you have some sort of formal education before you begin your transition to the beauty world. This way you’re more likely to be an asset for your employer rather than someone who needs a lot of training and support for a long period of time. 

Added to this, beauty school and online beauty courses are more of an accelerated way to get the skills you need, and can often be far more effective than even months in the field learning on the job. 

To end, beauty school is going to be one of the more effective ways to kickstart your career in beauty.

2. Enhance your Interview Skills

When moving careers, it’s imperative you have interview skills that are going to make employers excited by you and your skillset and more likely to hire you. 

With that in mind, you should focus a little of your time on working out how best to advertise yourself to a brand, not only with the skills you possess but also with your level of commitment to success and motivation to come into work everyday with a smile and willingness to make your clients happy. 

These types of skills and tips are often overlooked given that it is assumed that many of us simply ‘know’ these, though, it is always good to have a refresher. 

We suggest working on understanding who you are and what you have to offer to a business and work to package this up into a nice speech or set of points to lay out when you’re in an interview. 

3. Take a Minor Business Course

Whether formally or informally it’s important to your future employers that you know at least some business skills and work to use these to your advantage when you come to work.

Of course, the primary skills that you will need to master are the beauty-based ones, though no one is going to scoff at you should you possess some business or financial skills. This way when there is an issue with your future employer’s bottom line, for example, you will likely have the knowledge to input advice that is going to help your boss with their issues. Keep in mind that in workplaces of the future we’re more likely to be asked to undertake a wide-range of workflows, some of which are far from the typical requirements of a role. 

That in mind, brushing up on anything from administration skills, business or marketing is a good place to start. You may even find that you’re qualified to undertake more than one task at work, and thus more employable. 

4. Get Some Real World Experience

Before you dive into employment, it might be worth your while to get some real-world experience from a workplace that you aren’t applying to work in. 

Whether this is through a friend, or ‘practicing’ with friends and family to get the hang of at least some of the workflows and requirements in the beauty industry, it will work to improve your confidence when it comes time to answer some of those tough interview questions. 

If you become adept in some beauty workflows or tasks, or just know a little more about them, you’re going to be far more confident in an interview and this shows your employers that you are the right person for the job. 


If you’re looking to move careers and launch into the beauty industry, we’re happy to say that the flexibility of online courses and the material you can learn from an online-only space is a fantastic place to start. 

Work on developing your skill set online, bolster your non-beauty related skills and you will be well on your way to succeeding in the world of beauty services.