Why You Should Opt for Full Arch Dental Replacements



When you visit a dentist for teeth replacement, they are likely to suggest dental implants to solve your oral issues. You can improve the situation with full arch implants as it looks and feels good. You should consult full arch dental rehabilitation in The Woodlands, who can educate you on the importance of the procedure. Here is why you should opt for full arch dental implants.

Full Arch Lasts a Long Time

Dental implants are long-lasting, and they hardly get eroded by acids in the mouth, unlike natural enamel. Again, they are stain proof as teas, coffee, and food rarely color the dental implants. Therefore, a full dental implant arch would provide a long-lasting dental solution, and you would have a brighter smile for an extended time.

They Prevent Oral Health Issues

Full arch dental implants fill in the space left by lost teeth, thus preventing bone loss. When you lose multiple teeth, you might lose some teeth on the jaws, which affects the rest. Again, infections can spread to other teeth when left untreated. Your dentist should treat the teeth before implanting new teeth.

A Full Arch Improves Biting

Crooked teeth and overbite might make it difficult to enjoy food that you love. It may not be easy to attain your nutritional needs as you would eat soft food such as bread and rice, which have high calories. However, you can make smoothies and drink protein soup if you have an inappropriate bite. A full arch solves the issues with an overbite, and you can ask your dentist to customize a full mouth arch that mimics your natural teeth.

They Make the Jaw Healthier

Decaying teeth can impact nerve endings on the teeth and jaws, and it could be wise to keep the jaws healthy with a full dental implant arch. Full mouth dental implants attach themselves to the upper and lower jaws and look like natural teeth.

A Full Arch is Beautiful

If you have multiple crooked teeth prone to teeth decay, you can opt for a full dental arch. Crooked teeth are unappealing, and they can steal the spotlight leading to low self-esteem. Moreover, crooked teeth, prone to infections, can lead to serious health complications such as heart diseases. It would be wise to get a full arch that beautifies the mouth and prevents such issues. You would not need to visit the doctor severally as the dental implants are permanent and do not decay easily.

It Leads to Stronger Facial Features

When you lose several teeth, it creates a vacuum in the mouth, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. It is possible to have distorted facial features when you lose several teeth. It makes your face look younger as it avoids vacuum formation, which sucks in the nearby tissues.

Final Thoughts

A full arch makes a beautiful smile as the dentist would mold teeth similar to your teeth, but they would be more appealing. Again, they prevent dental health issues like tooth decay as they do not break down due to acid corrosion in the mouth. You would not need to see a doctor frequently after a full arch as it is hardy and does not have limitations associated with natural teeth.