Timeless Nursery Décor Trends

A Well-Decorated Nursery
A nursery with gender-neutral décor

Decorating a nursery is an essential part of welcoming a new tiny human to the home. However, with so many great options in the market, it can be difficult to choose the décor you would want to stick to until the time comes to re-do it all for a children’s bedroom look. 

It is not just the relevance of the décor that you want to think about, though. You need to also make the décor practical as it would be what your kid will be surrounded by within their earliest years. You want to make it fun and practical while also hoping that it would serve as an inspiration to your kid. 

But finding décor trends that check all these boxes can be difficult. It is why we have curated six design ideas for our readers from across the web that would serve most, if not all, of the purposes mentioned above. Let’s take a look at them:

Traditional Décor

Traditional décor items are everlasting. If you like the old-school aesthetic, you will find it to be the most practical to raise a child in too. After all, the fluff of modern design and its unlimited options didn’t exist in the 1920s. 

Everything was designed to be functional and practical and serve a dedicated purpose. If you like that simplicity of practical solutions and want your child to grow up appreciating the old things too, this would be the ideal pick for you! Moreover, the items will find their use beyond the nursery décor as your child grows up. They’ll also be able to appreciate their heritage and maintain a deep connection with their roots. Plus, a bit of nostalgia never hurt anybody!

Vintage Décor with Natural Materials 

While the definition of vintage doesn’t change, the styles that can be called vintage keep changing every five years. However, five years is a long time for nursery décor, and your child’s room décor will be completely changed before the current vintage becomes ‘so 90s.’

But if you want most décor items to last a long time or be repurposed around the house, we suggest looking for vintage stuff made of natural materials. Décor made of natural materials is everlasting as it becomes trendy every 3-4 years. Natural materials are also much sturdier and easier to maintain. 

Animal Themed Décor

The animal theme is one of our favourite suggestions. This theme can help make children grow up to be animal lovers. If you have pets at home, this theme will do half the job of instilling love and empathy for the house pet in your child’s heart. Since there are innumerable animals of various kinds, your child may also become curious and observant when surrounded by their different shapes and colours all day. 

Space/Travel Themed Décor

This is another nursery décor theme that promotes curiosity among kids. It also inspires their interest in the places far and beyond, be they on earth or outside the planet. Such interests can help make kids empathetic and respective towards other people and make them more inclusive and accepting of other people’s cultures. If your home is already multicultural and multiethnic, this theme of décor could be perfect for your baby’s nursery.  

Shapes/Patterns Themed Décor 

Shapes and patterns are universal designs and are essentials of both art and math. If you wish your kid to be interested in either of the fields, you can opt for this nursery décor theme. Your child will be able to learn and recognize shapes earlier than their peers in kindergarten. This particular head starts alone can help develop their cognitive functions and make them academic achievers. 

If you make this colourful, your kid will also be able to learn and differentiate colours. You can add more academic-related practical décor on Your Baby Club for different age milestones for your baby if you decide to follow this theme. 

Nature Themed Décor

If you are a plant mom already, the nursery décor theme might be the one for you! Plants are always in trend, and your child will grow up to be interested in nature. This nursery décor will fit right in with the other parts of your home, and you will be able to get your kid started for getting a green thumb early too!