Lash Lifts: What To Know Before Your Appointment

Picture this: you want long, curled, and mesmerising eyelashes, but no matter how many coats of mascara you put on – you simply can’t achieve that look. It’s ok, we have all been there. But thanks to easy and effective lash lift treatments – long and voluminous eyelashes can become an actual reality! If it’s your first time hearing about lash lifts, or if you want to know more about this procedure, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we want to take you through what lash lifts are, how much they cost, and how you can create stunning lashes at home thanks to lash lift kits available on the market today.

What Are Lash Lifts?

Let’s begin by discussing what exactly are lash lifts. While other beauty treatments create striking lashes thanks to fiber extensions, lash lifts are all about enhancing your natural eyelashes. Often referred to as ‘lash perms’, this quick and easy procedure helps lift, elongate and set your natural lashes in the perfect curl position. Just by fixing the position of natural eyelash hairs, the ‘lash per’ procedure designs long-lasting and dark lashes. And the best part? A single lash lift treatment can last up to 4 to 6 weeks!

The Application Process of Lash Lifts

Now, let’s take a look at how the lash lift process takes place. When it comes to the actual lifting and curling, special serums are used to dissolve the proteins found in natural lashes. Why? By breaking down these chemical compositions, natural lashes become flexible and pliable, later making it easy to form a well-defined curl. Then, thanks to lifting solutions, the lashes are molded using curling rods. All that’s left after that, is a bit of time and the results are beautiful and lengthened lashes that catch everyone’s attention

Difference Between Lash Lifts and Eyelash Extensions

As we’ve mentioned, lash lifts are not the same as eyelash extensions. The major difference between these two popular beauty treatments is how lash extensions depend on false fibers, while lash lifting is done on natural lashes. But how do you choose which treatment and procedure is meant for you? Well, if you are looking for more dramatic, eye-catching and bold looks – then eyelash extensions may be the treatment for you. For a more natural and classic appearance, we suggest going for the recent lash lift trend. But no matter which lash procedure you choose, you will have brand new lashes that won’t require touch-ups for a couple of weeks after the treatment.

How Much Do Lash Lifts Cost?

Even though the lifting process sounds like a dream, we must member that all beauty treatments have their price. So, how much do lash lifts cost? Depending on the expertise of the lash technician, as well as the high-quality products used, one session of lash lifts can cost anywhere between 50 to 100$. If we consider how lifts last around one month, getting regular lifts can cost a pretty penny. That is why buying a do-it-at-home lash lift-lifting kit may be the smarter overall choice

Lash Lift Kits

Professional and high-quality lash lift kits can design incredible lifts and curls with affordable prices and less hassle. With all the necessary tools included in these kits, your lashes will be thanking you for those captivating curls. From silicone lift pads that can suit any eye shape to clean and disposable mascara wands, lash lift kits are the perfect way to go! And at much lower prices.

Where To Buy Eyelash Lift Kit

Say goodbye to Googling: “lash lift near me”, as these affordable eyelash lift kits can be found in most beauty stores, as well as online shops. For as low as $30, you can get your hands on the professional and salon-quality Stacy Lash kits available online. Nourishing perming solutions, lift combs, lash perm glue and silicone pads are just some of the products you’ll find in your lash-lifting kit. And with easy-to-follow instructions, even lash beginners can have a great time curling and mastering the art of lash lifts. So, what are you waiting for? Order these lash lifts today and create breathtaking lashes tomorrow!