How to Get Married in UAE – Legal Wedding Cost

The UAE is considered to be one of the safest countries to get married and settle down. People across the world see UAE as a perfect place for marriage, there are various reasons for it – expressive culture and freedom of religion, it’s warm throughout the year, a good place for work and education, and I can go on mentioning many things.

However, the important thing that concerns marriage is the cost, and weddings in the UAE can be more expensive than you imagine. So it is important to plan the procedures and costs that you will be spending on your wedding in the UAE. This article will help you know the legal cost of a wedding.

Wedding cost in UAE

Getting married can be hard and have a lot of legal procedures and you might have a question: can a foreigner get married in the UAE – Yes, ex-pats can tie a knot in the UAE. However, it is important to know that the marriage must be legally registered in relevant embassies and courts.

There are only a few basic legal procedures that you will be paying. There are other expenses that will add to your total wedding expense – Venues and reception cost, and the legal expenses can be considered negligible compared to your total wedding cost so I would suggest taking help from the professional wedding planners  for your wedding in UAE

  1. Pre-marital screening is a mandatory procedure to be done. This Pre-marital test is conducted to limit any transferable and inherited diseases like HIV/AIDS and others. You can apply and get the testing done, the cost might be from 260 AED to 900 AED per person depending on the hospital you get it from.
  2. Court charges up to 1800 AED for marriage solemnization and other processes.
  3. It is mandatory to undergo the legalization process of your marriage in your origin country and the fee for this might vary from country to country depending on their own requirements.

As mentioned, weddings in the UAE would be expensive, it is important to plan the expenses beforehand and get the help of professional wedding planners. This article was only explaining the legal cost alone, there are other legal requirements that need to be followed.