How to Achieve a More Spiritual Mindset Whilst Working Out

If you believe that there is a connection between mind and body connection, then you will probably be interested to read about how you can make your workout more ‘spiritual’. One of the main focuses will be regarding breathing because, regardless of whichever exercise you are doing, if your breathing is right then you should be able to feel like your mind is free and that you are able to feel calmer, relaxed and at ease. Overall, you will have a better workout as well as being able to get closer to some form of meditation;

  • Set yourself a goal

Self-motivation is really hard for most people, especially if working out can be a chore at times if, however, you set yourself ‘mini’ goals before each workout then things should start to become a little easier. There is nothing quite like the sense of achievement when you reach or beat a goal, it can be just enough to keep you going and strive to do more and, the more you achieve the more confident, relaxed and at peace you will be. You’ll be one step closer to concentrating on your breathing and mindset. Next time you work out, set yourself an achievable goal and reward yourself afterwards.

  • Get closer to nature

The advantages of taking your workout outdoors are endless, although you might want to make sure you have all the right gear with you. For example, if you are into yoga, then you’ll want to think about yoga mat bags, the last thing you want is to be concerned with making sure you have everything you need or that you can carry your stuff without adding any unwanted stress.

You might be thinking, but I prefer the gym, especially in the cooler times of the year. The question is, have you ever tried? If you haven’t, then give it a go, the rewards far outweigh the challenge, consider the fact that once you are warmed up, you won’t notice the cold anyhow and, you’ll be able to benefit from taking in the fresh air that is so important for optimal breathing. If you live near a forest or a beach, then that would be perfect, what a superb setting for peace of mind.

  • Manage your breathing  

The importance of breathing properly whilst you work out cannot be stressed enough, if you are doing something intensive then it is even more crucial to your health that you breathe properly, deep controlled breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. In time with whatever you are doing, if possible. It can be easier to achieve a proper technique if you have some kind of rhythm to work to, most people use music, others will use their body movements in order to maintain a steady pace of breathing. One example is with runners, if they can get their breathing in line to coordinate with the same beat as that of their body movement, then a higher level of spirituality can be achieved, everything in life has its own rhythm, if you can find yours then you’ll be well on your way to that ‘spiritual plane’.