How can foreigners get married in Georgia ?

Photo by Sean Kernerman from Pexels

The answer to your question is Yes! A foreigner can get married in Georgia. Couples can also start an LLC in Georgia after the wedding. The legal and documentation process is pretty much straightforward to anyone, the law does not restrict civil marriage rights based on culture or nationality. The validity of the marriage license provided by the Georgian government covers overseas as well.


However, you need to be mindful that it is not legal to marry same-sex in Georgia. But the constitution permits people to get married quickly, with all the legal documents and the lowest fees than any other country. In this article, you will know the complete information on legal requirements, documents, and how and where you can get married in Georgia as a foreigner.


Application for registration to marry in Georgia


The first step before getting married is applying for registration, this can be applied by yourself or your authorized person – after filing you have 2 months to register your marriage in Georgia in person. It is best to fly all the paper before and apply it through a professional or apply it through your wedding planner who would assist you and make your work way easier.


Legal Requirements for foreigners to get married in Georgia:


  • The couple must be 18 years and older, and a jointly written and agreed application of consent of both.
  • Identity documents of the couples and the witnesses (It is mandatory to have two witnesses)
  • If applicable – It is mandatory to provide the divorcee decree or certificate of death of your former spouse.
  • The legal cost of getting your license is between 50 Gel to 170 Gel and the fees for the license might vary depending on your marital status (single, divorced, or widower)
  • Georgia allows and encourages all ethnicity, nationality, and religion in the country, except same-sex marriage is unlawful in Georgia.
  • As a foreigner, it is important to submit the legal documents for your stay in Georgia – Passport, and Visa.


In conclusion, Georgia is the perfect destination for your marriage irrespective of your nationality, all you need are the necessary documents and requirements mentioned above. If you are planning to marry in this beautiful destination during the pandemic it is important to know all the immigration and visa requirements.