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Why is a well-written CV so important?

It is worth starting your search for a new job by writing a CV. It is our showcase and decides whether we will be invited to an interview. However, if you don’t use your best to prepare your curriculum vitae, it will get stuck in a maze of other application documents. Why is a well-written CV so important? Check the best practices made by a cv writing expert below. 

Attracts the employer’s attention

When receiving a CV, the employer (or the recruiter) makes an initial assessment of the candidate. One look is usually enough to assess whether a document stands out from the others or does not deviate from the pattern. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the visual attractiveness of the written CV. The employer (recruiter) receives hundreds of similar, if not identical, applications during the day. So in order to attract his attention, our CV must be unique.

Until recently, the substantive correctness of the information provided in the resume was the most important. In a modern resume today, it is still relevant, but much more attention is paid to graphic design. It is she who determines the interest of the employer (recruiter). A well-written CV is, therefore first and foremost aesthetic.

It encourages contact

Attracting the employer’s (recruiter’s) attention with our CV is only half the battle. It does not guarantee that the document will be read in full. A legible structure, division into sections, and a properly selected font encourage this. So let’s take care of these aspects.

The language we use in our CV is also important. Above all, it should be clear. You should also take care of its correctness in terms of punctuation, spelling, and syntax. It is good if bullets, bolds, and short paragraphs appear in the text. Also, do not forget to include your telephone number and e-mail address in your CV. Even the best-written resume will be useless if you do not include your contact details. 

It shapes your image

The CV should be professional, then we will also be perceived as specialists, and our candidacy will be considered seriously by the employer (recruiter). To show your good side, you should first of all take care of a professional photo. It cannot be a photo from a holiday or party. Consider hiring a photography company like TKP Headshots to ensure your photo is of the highest professional quality.

Also, using an unprofessional email address is not good for our image. So let’s give up sunsets and kisses in email and nicknames. First and last name (plus possibly a number) is a suitable solution.