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11 Differences Between a Western Massage and Thai Massage

Western Massage and Thai Massage

Do you want to learn or experience Thai massage? If yes then do you know how is it different from western massage? If not then you are in the right spot to learn about its difference from western massage. The major difference is a strong cultural background. Thai massage is like a fabric of Thailand. It contains a long history at its back. Western massage doesn’t have any cultural background. We can call it a modified shape of different types of ancient massage.

When we talk about Thai Massage Greenwich, it’s not just learning about a different set of techniques. It is a completely different approach that has an entirely different mindset. Here is a list that compares Thai and western massage to make the difference clear. These differences are on a generalized basis. There is a possibility of exceptions too. But this comparison holds true for the most part.

1. Dimensions Of the Massage:

Both kinds of massage differentiate in terms of dimension.

· 2d Massage:

The western massage is commonly known as 2d massage. Because in this massage client doesn’t need to move. During a western massage, he maintains the same plane.

· 3d Massage:

Whereas Thai massage is known as 3d massage. This massage targets the whole muscles of the body. In this client need to move frequently. So, he can’t maintain the same plane throughout the massage.

2. Mapping Out the Body for Massage:

Mapping out means that how do you find the way around the body? Which kind of markers will be a need? At this point, we can witness a significant difference between east and west massage.

· Anatomy And Physiology:

Western massage use anatomy and physiology for mapping out the body in massage.

· Energy Line Approach:

If we talk about Thai massage it uses an energy line approach for mapping out the body in massage.

3. Approach Towards the Body Work:

You can see a major difference in the approaches too.

· Clinical Approach:

Western massage uses a clinical approach to bodywork. It targets those body areas which are craving for healing.

· Holistic Approach:

In comparison to western massage, Thai massage prefers a holistic approach. The word “holistic” here means that it addresses the whole person. This doesn’t consider humans as only a physical body. Humans, on the other hand, are made up of several components, which are as follows:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

They deserve to be at their peak in all these four elements.

4. Comparison Of Localized and Energy Flow Treatment:

· Localized Approach:

The localized approach is a part of western massage. Because it targets only those areas which are experiencing issues.

· Reestablishment Of Energy Flow:

Thai massage focuses on restoring the body’s energy flow. It doesn’t just focus on healing specific areas.

5. Difference Of Clothing:

· Undressed:

The western massage typically targets the skin so, clients need to undress. This may lead to privacy issues.

· Fully Dressed:

A Thai massage does not require you to undress. Therefore, the whole approach towards this massage is very relaxed. As a result, privacy is not a concern in this massage.

6. Comparison Of Regulations and Cultural Integrations:

· Regulated:

For western massage, a license is required because it is regulated.

· Less Formality and Regulation:

Thai massage belongs to the natural healing system of Thailand. It is an important part of their cultural and social lives. It is commonly accepted and regarded as a natural remedy. Recently, the reputation of therapists matters a lot than the regulations. Although it has a less formality of regulations. But slowly this trend is changing.

7. Comparison Of Science and Natural Element:

· Scientific Terms:

When we talk about the western world, they determine the benefits of massage based on scientific terms.

· Beneficial System:

But if we talk about Thailand, there nobody cares what science has to say. They just judge this massage in terms of benefits. Therefore, they don’t present massage over there in terms of science. But they consider it a beneficial system.

8. Results Of the Massage:

· Relaxing Methods:

Mostly the style of western massage is considered as a method for relaxing. But still, there is some kind of therapeutically oriented massage therapies. If we talk in general, we consider the spa as a place for pampering us.

·  Therapeutic System:

At the local level, Thai massage always acts as a therapeutic system. It deals with aches, pains, and diseases. Because there is a huge portion of people who want to get relief from these issues. They expect that kind of a result from a massage session.

9. Physical Settings:

· Massage Table:

For western massage, a massage table is required.

· Floor Mat:

Thai massage doesn’t require a massage table, instead, the traditional method of floor mat is effective for it. But in the western world, they provide Thai massage treatment on the massage table.

10. Body Parts Which Therapists Use for Massage:

· Use Of Hands:

In western massage therapists usually use hands for massage therapy. To some extent, they also use arms and elbows. They may use them for the injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome.

· Make Use of Many Parts:

Whereas in Thai Massage Greenwich therapists use almost all body parts like hands, knees, elbow, forearms, and feet. In case of strong work, they can easily replace their hands with other body parts. This is also good for the health of a therapist.

11. Mechanics Of the Body:

· More Muscle Power:

In western massage, western therapists use more muscle power. This can result in back and shoulder problems. The muscle use can’t be eliminated because the therapist can’t always be at the top of clients. Because of the presence of clients on a massage table.  When it comes to long stroking techniques, they have to use muscle power to some degree.

· Rely On Body Weight:

Thai massage relies on body weight which reduces the stress on their bodies. This also results in the longevity of their careers. The use of a floor mat is really helpful in using bodyweight and keeping body mechanics. Due to this therapist can easily position himself on the client instead of using long strokes. Thai massage requires very little muscle power.