Skin Treatment and Tattoo Removal
Skin Treatment and Tattoo Removal

How Laser Technology Has Improved Skin Treatment and Tattoo Removal

Tattoos have been known to be permanent for years. Over the years, though, a lot has changed. Some new tech like a laser to help remove them. You don’t have to stay with a tattoo that you don’t like any longer – have it removed. Laser tech has come a long way, that it can also be used for skin treatments. There are other aspects of the tech that are coming up. They are coming up with different concepts and innovations – see how they have improved tattoo removal and skin treatment.


The first one that you have probably heard of is nanotech tattoo removal. This is one of the best ideas that you can use to remove unwanted tattoos. The concept here is still being developed, but it uses topical cream. This new idea is a safe option as it won’t deliver any disruptive drugs to the skin. When you use this new tech, the cream will bring the tattoos to the skin’s surface. You can then easily wipe off the tattoos and get rid of them. This is one of the ideal measures that can make skincare treatment much improved. At times, the use of lasers can be a bit disruptive to the skin. That won’t make it easy for any skin treatment in the long run.

PicoWay Lasers

If you are going for a complete laser tattoo removal, you need to visit the most prominent laser clinic Sydney has for this type of procedure. This is by far the best laser for removing tattoos – it’s readily available, unlike the previous one. This laser differs a bit from the Q-switched lasers that you may be familiar with. PicoWay lasers tend to release more energy than the Q-switched laser – the laser releases about 1000 times more energy. When this happens, the tattoo ink is shuttered to small particles. After that, it’s the immune system’s job to attack and get rid of the ink. This particular way offers you a quicker way of getting rid of tattoos. The advancement of the laser has seen it able to remove all colors from the skin. Generally, the greens and the blues are the most difficult inks to withdraw from the skin. All these happen without necessarily interfering with any part of the skin, which makes it a great idea to use when looking to remove markings from your skin.

True Laser

This can be used for tattoo removal and skincare as it isn’t mainly focused on any. This is a combination of three essentials, the first being the device, the second period of use, and wavelength. These factors come to the fore majorly when you need to consider skin damage. A licensed medical laser technician can only handle this laser treatment. They are the only people that can work out the right treatment plan to get the results you are looking for.

Laser Technology, and Tattoo Removal

Laser has come a long way in both skincare treatment and tattoo removal. These are some of the top ideas of lasers and how advanced they have come over time.