How are wigs made and styled with human hairs

How are wigs made and styled with human hairs?

All about the wigs 

In basic and simple terms, we can say that the Wigs are worn for either looking beautiful or for giving the artificial look to the body. There may be some more reasons for wearing wigs but these 2 are considered to be the major ones. 

Why are wigs used?

Hairs are the most beautiful part in the whole of the human body, be it the men or be it the women. Hairs are important to each and everyone as they give a beautiful and wonderful look to the face of human beings. But many people around the world lose their beautiful hair because of some serious diseases or the strong treatments of those diseases. The baldness can be natural as well as can be because of the treatment going on as well. No matter whatever the reason is, if the person is facing issues related to baldness then he feels disguised at many points of time in his or her life and this is one of the reasons why they wear wigs. Another reason for wearing the wigs can be simply a quick way of looking beautiful.

The most famous instance related to wigs is the vogue magazine article. The article was about the wife of a famous politician who showed her full fledged wardrobe of wigs and she added by saying that she wears all these different wigs in order to save a lot of money that she has to give to the professional makeup artists for every hair makeup. Isn’t it interesting? May be because some people might take this instance as an interesting one and start doing the same and some might make fun of it. 

History of the wigs made from the human hairs

As per the reports and sources, it has been said that the Wigs were very popular as well as well famous among all the ancient Egyptians. Basically, what all egyptians used to think is that they shave their heads or they cut their hairs and make them too short in order to be in the comfort and convenience (not to take care of the hair like washing, cleanliness, hygiene etc) and in place of that a person can wear the hair wig whenever they wanted to go out and look beautiful. 

In the ancient times, wigs made up of the human hair were a bit expensive and costly and therefore all the people who could not afford the same wore the wigs made up of the sheep’s wool or even the fiber of palm leaf. The human hair wigs were so famous as well as so used among the ancient Egyptians and ancient greece. In ancient times, human hair wigs were used for both the uses personal as well as professional but then later the craze of the human hair wigs decreased and now it is 90 percent used for professional reasons only in theater or acting world. 

Different Materials used in making of wigs

However, majorly the wigs are made up of the human hair but there are some other raw materials as well that are used by the wig manufacturers to make it. 

Some of the raw materials are mentioned below:

  1. Wigs made by the human hairs. These human hair wigs are the most common as well as most used wigs around the world in the ancient times and even in recent times.
  2. Wigs made up from the jute fibers.
  3. The yak hair wig that is specially imported from Tibet, which is mostly worn by clowns in theaters or movies. 
  4. One of the raw materials used in making of the wig is the Ox hairs.
  5. Synthetic material wigs such as acrylic wigs, modacrylic wigs, nylon wigs, or polyester material wigs. These synthetic wigs seem to be more natural as well as vibrant over the human beings.

How are the wigs manufactured and styled?

The whole manufacturing process of the wigs take around 6 to 8 weeks to get manufactured completely. Plus, in addition, these wigs are being sold for almost 2000 to 4000 dollars each.

Step: 1 preparing the human hair for making the wig

i)  all the hairs are kept in a way that they are directed in the same direction. 

ii) bunches are made out of them.

iii) uncut ends are being trimmed 

iv) an organized bunch is now prepared as per size and thickness. 

v) hairs are thoroughly and with some acidic compounds are washed in order to remove all types of impurities present in them.

vi) the shape of the wig is decided straight hairs or curled up hairs 

vii) colour as well as the shades of the hairs in the wig is now decided. 

Step: 2 preparation of the pattern of the wigs

i) several measurements are taken of the head and according to those measurements the white plaster is prepared to add inside the wig.

ii) knitting is being done after the measurement is done successfully.

iii) the complete pattern of the human hair wig has been decided on how exactly the wig is going to look at the end. 

Step: 3 the foundation of the human hair wig is made

Over the fake head of the dummy person the foundation of the wigs are made in order to make them sticky over the real human heads.

Step: 4 knotting the foundation with the prepared wig

Now the wig and the foundation are stacked together. 

Step: 5 styling the final look of the wig 

This is the last part of the whole process in which the final look of the wig is decided the final colour, size, shape, curly, straight, etc everything is being added and styled. 

Here are a few Types of Wigs:

  1. The Readymade wigs 
  2. The Machine made wigs 
  3. Hand tied wigs
  4. Hand knotted wigs 
  5. Custom made wigs. 
  6. Human hair wigs 
  7. Customized as well as personalised wigs.