Health and Wellness Guide for Nursing Students

Being a student comes with many challenges along the road. The lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or lack of exercise are just some of the things that could happen while you get an education. There are periods when everything is more stressful and overwhelming, as learning about complex topics is not simple.

Nursing students are even more prone to being exhausted and tired, especially because they learn about the healthcare system and various medical procedures. After they graduate, they will be an essential factor in the entire healthcare system and the support of many doctors.

Even though many would think that a nurse is less stressed than a doctor, the tasks and responsibilities are of utter importance. Moreover, during your studies, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you need to learn. Human health is a complex domain and it is important to learn how to take care of patients.

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But firstly, as a nursing student, you need to take care of your health and wellness too. Here is a short guide on how you can do this.

Find more information on nursing

To prevent some of the challenges or obstacles that will stand in your way later, it would be wise to find more information on nursing. Because this domain is also a vast one, there are many nursing opportunities and possibilities that are different from each other. You can learn more about what the nurse at a dentist’s cabinet is doing, compared with the one that helps a doctor do surgery. You may also need to write an assessment paper about nursing, so looking for a few nursing essay examples can be of help. They will also shed more light on the opportunities you have after graduation, but also on the importance of learning how to take care of patients.

Have a Routine

Nursing school can be challenging and if you are a working student, everything can get stressful and tiring. Having a schedule and a routine to follow adds order to your life and it helps you manage your time efficiently. Like this, you can introduce in your agenda activities that are not related to studying and that will help you relax. It is essential to learn and study, but it is also important to relax and unwind. This allows you to focus better, be productive, and efficiently use your study time.


Exercising is often underestimated by young people, as they have other priorities and goals to focus on. However, the positive consequences of exercising cannot be highlighted enough. And the best thing about exercising is that it has positive benefits on your physical health and wellness at the same time. Exercising helps you reduce stress and improve the quality of your sleep.

Moreover, exercising has positive effects not only on your sleep but on many other brain functions as well, such as memory and attention. Your mood will be considerably boosted, as there are endorphins released while you exercise. At the same time, you keep fit and improve your physical health by eliminating numbness and stiffness. Either way, exercising will help you take care of your health and wellness, especially during prolonged periods of studying.


Nutrition is another key factor for your health and wellness. Just like exercising, its importance is underestimated by many students. Having a healthy meal is challenging, especially when you have those fast-food options so accessible and cheap. It is important to choose wisely the food you eat while you are a nursing student, as healthy foods can fuel you with energy.

If you have enough time available, the best choice would be to cook your own meals. But we all know students have a hectic and crowded schedule, so ordering food or eating out are more accessible choices. Whenever you do this, take a look at the menu and aim to choose healthy foods. Nuts, cheese, eggs, yogurt, fish, vegetables, and fruits are among the healthiest foods and the ones that will fuel you with energy.


Taking care of your health and wellness while you study nursing is essential. To take care of others, but also to study complex medical procedures or diseases requires energy, attention, and focus. So, you need to establish a healthy routine and habits that will help you pursue your academic goals while keeping yourself fit and healthy. Hopefully, this guide has offered you the information you need to start replacing bad habits with healthier ones.

Bio lines: Sara Parker is a creative writer passionate about health topics. She writes various articles for students on topics such as exercise, nutrition, sleep, and many more. Sara loves exploring the city and meditation.