Face Massage Roller Benefits

These days, face massages have become an essential part of the daily skincare routine. A Face roller is a popular tool that is commonly used by many famous celebrities to massage their faces. That’s why there are also high chances that you might have already seen this on your friend’s home or on your Instagram feed. But why are face rollers so popular? What’s so special about them?

A face massage roller has many major benefits, such as it boosts circulation, temporarily tightens the skin, and reduces puffiness. People who massage their faces with a face roller also said they have felt a positive change in their skin. There are numerous types of face rollers available in the market. If you want to lift your face and tighten your skin, use Microcurrent Facial Rollers. These rollers diffuse mild microcurrents to your skin which improves skin elasticity and restores cell activity.

Today in this blog, we’re going to talk about face rollers. From its types to usage and benefits, we’ve covered everything. So, if you want to know more about face rollers and how to use them properly, keep on reading. 

What is a Face Roller?

A face roller is a handheld tool that is used to massage the face. These rollers have smooth, cool surfaces and are dual-ended with jade stone or other crystal heads. You can use them on various parts of your face. 

It is similar to Gua Sha, which is also used to improve blood circulation around the face and neck area. Face rollers are actually not a new tool or technique. Yes, it dates back to ancient China, where wealthy Chinese women used this tool to massage their faces.

Types of Face Rollers

From 24K Gold Bar to a jade roller, many types of face rollers are available in the market. Here are some of the popular ones: 


A jade roller is well known for improving blood circulation and skin tone. It is also used for lymphatic drainage and to eliminate toxins from the body. It gives the best results in anti-aging and also helps to reduce puffiness and inflammation when used regularly. 

Other than jade, face rollers are also available in other types of materials such as Rose Quartz, Amethyst, and Obsidian. 

24K Gold Bar

These types of face rollers are extremely famous in Japan and Taiwan. It vibrates about 6,000 times per minute which is extremely good to stimulate blood flow and facial muscles. This stimulation helps tighten the facial muscles and ultimately improves the overall look of the skin. 

After a single-use, you’ll instantly feel the improved facial sculpt and contour. You can use this roller on different parts of your face, including your forehead, eyes, and neck.

Stainless Steel

These face rollers are made from metals made of an alloy of iron and chromium. It gives your skin a cooling and soothing effect. It also helps in reducing inflammation, swelling, and tightening the skin.

5 Benefits of Using Face Massage Rollers 

Face rollers have plenty of benefits for the skin. It not only improves the circulation in the facial muscles but also improves the overall muscle tone and texture of the face. Let’s know more about the face massage roller benefits.                  

Improves Blood Circulation

According to a small 2018 study, using a face roller can stimulate blood flow to your face and neck area. This increased blood circulation can make your skin look fresher, glowy, and brighter. 

Reduced Puffiness 

Face massage rollers are highly beneficial in reducing puffiness around the eyes and face. Puffiness generally occurs due to fluid collecting in certain areas. Using cold rollers decreases not only puffiness but also reduces the appearance of pores. 

Tightens Your Skin 

Regularly massaging with face rollers on your face and neck can actually help to tighten the skin. Many people believe that their wrinkles and skin texture have improved a lot after using rollers on their faces regularly.

Cools & Soothes Your Skin 

You can use a jade roller which is a naturally cold stone, to massage your face. You can also store a normal roller in the refrigerator for some time and then massage your face. Both ways, these rollers will cool your skin, and you’ll feel amazing. 

Improved Skin & Muscle Tone

According to a study, our facial skin vibrates 6000 times per minute. Using a high-quality face roller can stimulate blood circulation and help tighten the skin. It also improves your skin’s overall elasticity, which results in improved facial muscle surrounding the neck, eyes, and forehead.  

Final Verdict

Face rollers are a great way to massage your facial skin. They not only are soothing and relaxing on your skin but also increases blood circulation, which removes toxins away from your body. Face massage rollers are completely safe to use on your face and neck areas. So, if you want glowy and healthy facial skin, start using face rollers regularly.