Beauty Trends 2021

If you’re among the 84% of women who find beauty empowering, looking your natural best is likely a priority. This means looking into the best beauty trends 2021 has to offer and rocking them on all occasions.

Here, we’re going to talk about some of these trends and why they’re important for fashionistas. Read on to learn how to do your makeup, hair, and more for the rest of the year.

Embolden Your Eyes

For the past few years, women have loved a natural and subtle look when it came to eye makeup. In 2021, though, it’s time to let your gorgeous eyes pop again. Choose bold and vibrant colors like bright red or sky-blue and make sharp winged eyeliner in spirited hues.

Experts are loving the bright, graphic liners that give your eyes an artistic flair this season. This makes sense when you consider that 2021’s been a year for breaking boundaries and getting out of your shell.

Liquid eyeliner is generally the best way to go for these looks. It’s easy to apply, shape, and manipulate. You can wear cold colors to go with your favorite winter outfits and then move to bright greens and pastels in spring 2022.

Love Your Lips

If you’re a fan of style- or Taylor Swift’s song Styleyou likely love a ‘red-lipped classic thing.’

The underlying reason for this may initially sound unclear, but it’s very simple: it brings your lips to the forefront of your look. Making them pop always adds character to your overall look and showcases your gorgeous mouth shape.

In 2021, red isn’t the only bright hue that people are boasting on their lipstick. All colors and textures that add a character are fair game. Matte plum shades, bright purples, magenta, hot pink, and even bright blue are all good choices. Pair them with some black or brown eyeliner and you’ll be ready to rock.

Cheeks With Chic Character

High blush is one of the best ways that people are styling their faces this year. Rather than putting it on your lower cheeks, it’s a good idea to move it up near the temples. You can then manipulate it around your cheekbones and even in the vicinity of your eyelids.

This is especially a good idea because of recent mask-wearing trends. Get a mask that provides contrast with your blush but doesn’t clash. Something that catches your eye color might be a good idea to make your natural hues pop.

Another great way to make your cheeks pop is to use cream coloring on them. This makes your cheeks glow in addition to keeping your skin hydrated in cold weather.

Lovely Lashes

Eyelash makeup has been big for a long time. Mascara adds volume to your eyes and can look great with eyeshadow (assuming that you match your colors appropriately). However, 2021 is taking this trend a step further with eyelash extensions.

You can select fake lashes in tons of different materials, hues, and shapes. For the boldest possible look, thick black extensions are ideal. On the other hand, you may like to go subtle with thinner brown options.

Check out to learn more about this awesome trend. This vendor offers better products than its competitors because they’re natural, easy to apply, and don’t irritate the skin even when worn all day.

Hair Dye and Highlights

There are two awesome ways to dye your hair this season. The first is to go all-natural and highlight your natural hair color. This means taking brown hair and adding blonde highlights (or vice versa).

Some blondes have also loved auburn or red streaks while brunettes love combining their hair with ink-black hues. You can add as many (or as few) highlights as you like. Ultimately, these streaks don’t just help your hair and overall style to look more complex, but they also add a lot of volume to your locks.

While looking your natural best is important, sometimes you just want to have fun. Dyeing your hair with fun colors that pop is never a bad choice.

Get yourself some bold pink, bright blue, or cool green hair dye and have fun. Since these colors are only semi-permanent, they’ll wash out within a couple of months and make way for you to try something new.

Fancy Fingernails

No natural beauty look would be complete without some work on your fingernails. Luckily, this is easier than ever before with realistic paste-on nail paint. These press-ons only take moments to apply and are made from real materials that last for a week or two, so you don’t need to worry about redoing them often.

Still, sometimes nothing can beat a full-on mani/pedi. Learning the skills necessary to do this at home is a lot of fun, as are doing them with a friend or family member.

Try polka-dotted looks, multicolored hues, tiny flower petals, initials, personal statements, and more to perfect your nails. Since nostalgia is also a key player in fashion, you also might like to try a retro vintage style.

Get Started With the Beauty Trends 2021 Fashionistas Love

While there are many healthy ways to look awesome, following some of the top beauty trends 2021 has to offer is an essential first step. These looks keep you professional, natural, warm, fun, or flirty depending on the occasion and environment, so discover how to do your hair and makeup on every occasion.

Now that you have some tips on looking your best right now, it’s time to learn more. Check out the ‘beauty’ section of our home page for more ideas on how to make yourself look gorgeous and fashionable on any occasion.