7 Gorgeous Fall Highlights to Try Out

Are you among the 3 out of 4 women who enjoy coloring their hair?

If so, you might be wondering what colors and styles you should consider to keep up with the trends. With colder weather blowing in, fashion is shifting toward fall beauty aesthetics.

Are you excited about getting fall highlights to freshen up your look? Keep reading to learn about 7 gorgeous colors that will complement any hair color.

  1. Wheat

Wheat blonde highlights add the perfect amount of warmth to your hair color to give you a radiant glow. Highlights that frame the face are great for brightening up your skin and allowing your makeup to pop as well. Whether you wear your hair up or down, the wheat tones are sure to add elegance to your look.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the most popular kinds of brown highlights for a good reason. Cinnamon creates a dynamic heat, and these highlights will melt beautifully into your natural color.

  1. Copper

While you’re getting highlights done, you should never be afraid to ask your stylist if they think a bolder color would suit you. Copper is daring enough to jazz up your entire appearance, but a light hand can also give these highlights a more natural vibe. You also have the choice between dark, rustic coppers and fiery shades.

  1. Blush

If you want to have more mystical hair color, you can never go wrong with blush highlights. Blush looks enchanting mixed into any hair color and type. Since fall and winter can bring dreary weather, it’s fun to be a source of sunshine.

  1. Pearl

While platinum hair can make quite a dazzling impression, not many people are fond of damaging their hair, especially if they have to build up from darker shades. This is why pearl is becoming such a hit right now because you can enjoy the glamor of platinum with soft blonde undertones.

  1. Espresso

For lowlights vs. highlights, espresso is a color that everyone can rock whether they have to brighten or go darker. Espresso is lush and adds a rich depth that illuminates your hair. There’s nothing more stunning than the sunshine catching you in the crisp air and making you glow.

  1. Gold

People who say that nothing gold can stay have never tried golden highlights before. The most popular application is to leave the roots untouched and blend with a balayage technique. This color will boost your confidence without requiring lots of upkeep.

Get Ready to Shine With These Fall Highlights

If you’ve been thinking about getting fall highlights, then this guide will give you the inspiration you need to book your appointment at the salon. No matter which color you choose, you’ll look radiant and fall in love with the final results.

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