Where to Buy L’Atelier Des Subtils in the Philippines?

where to buy l'atelier des subtils in the philippines

The L’Atelier Des Subtils is a fragrance line released by VT Cosmetics in collaboration with BTS, and Frédéric Burtin (Institut Très Bien) a chemist-cosmetician that has worked with LVMH. The line has seven different scents that represent each member of the BTS. They are designed to have subtle scents, thus the name, and can be used by all genders. And yes, I know where to buy L’Atelier Des Subtils in the Philippines. Below is the list of stores and sellers that I trust.

where to buy l'atelier des subtils in the philippines

Where to buy L’Atelier Des Subtils?

1. Look At Me – This high-end beauty store just recently open. They both have an online store and a physical store located in SM Aura in Taguig City. They have all the L’Atelier Des Subtils perfumes in their stores but I don’t think it comes with photocards tho.

2. Zalora Philippines – This shop has been around for around 8 years now and has been a trusted online store for branded fashion and beauty items from Western to Asian brands such as Adidas, Nike, Kate Spade, Moschino, Plains & Prints, Happy Skin, BLK, and more. And recently, I also discovered that they have VT Cosmetic L’Atelier Des Subtils in their store.

3. Oshare PH – This Instagram shopper/reseller is based in Japan and is my go-to shopper for Japanese snacks and also BT21 and BTS merch that is exclusive in Japan. Besides those, they also accept pasabuy requests as long as it is available in Japan. I’ve seen in their post that they accept L’Atelier Des Subtils orders and it comes with a standee and photo cards.

So far these are the only stores and sellers I trust where to buy L’Atelier Des Subtils in the Philippines that will surely not scam you. But as always, if I found more I’ll update this list.