Signs You May Need to Get Help for Your Mental Health

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Even as fruitful conversations on the topic of mental health gain momentum, it can still be easy to overlook if you might be in need of some help yourself. Most of the time, people can spot the signs easier on others because they have that objective perspective.

As outsiders to the experiences of the other, individuals are sometimes in a better position to see the situation for what it is. Once that vantage point is tuned in to yourself, however, that clarity becomes obscure with personal biases, prejudices, experiences, and feelings.

In case another person tells you, for example, that you might need to work out some issues, your first reaction might be to take offense at the presumption that there is something wrong with you. The denial may come in strong and firm, and ultimately, it is this denial that will make it difficult for you to truly recognize the need to get the help you deserve.

Still, there are telling warning signs that can at least point you in the right direction. Here are some signs you should pay attention to, which may be telling you to get help for your mental health. The earlier you recognize them, the sooner you can act on them.

You Feel Socially Withdrawn

It’s one thing for you to simply want some quality time by yourself so you can recharge, but it’s quite another altogether if you suddenly seem to lose interest in socializing with anyone as you normally would.

While there is nothing wrong with being alone per se, it’s when you completely isolate yourself that makes the situation dangerous, because it can worsen feelings of loneliness, which can further lead to depression and anxiety.

As these feelings develop during isolation, the more it can be difficult to pull you out of it. In some cases, people may even start having suicidal thoughts. If you have been feeling particularly disinterested in what’s happening around you, it may be a sign that there’s something deeper going on with you that’s worth seeking professional help for.

You Have Rapid and Extreme Mood Swings

Feeling like you’re in a funk, on certain days, is normal. You’re not expected to be bright and happy all the time. When you’re in one of those days, it’s understandable why you may be in an irritable mood, shifting from one disposition to another with a quick snap of a finger.

Even the littlest thing might seem highly irritating to you, and you may find yourself going into an outburst when things go your way. Once things calm down, however, you do, too, and soon you’re back to your normal self.

If the mood swings, however, are frequent, rapid, and explosive, and go on for prolonged periods of time, then it may just be more than a simple funky day. If you or the people around you begin noticing how unstable your moods have been as of late, try to assess if there might be any contributing factors to it, such as stress, drug use, or alcohol intake.

Check as well how fast the changes are occurring. It can be very quick, which may indicate a borderline personality disorder, or it could go on for several days up to several weeks, which may point to a bipolar disorder.

You Feel Mostly Sad, Hopeless, and Anxious

Having these feelings is fine, even healthy to a certain point, and in moderate doses. However, if these become your default emotions, and you can’t seem to get out of it, then consider seeing a professional for mental health help.

Seeking help from a psychiatrist in facilities like Villa San Miguel Detox & Wellness ( can help you figure out why you’re going through such feelings. These signs are not meant to be taken as tools for self-diagnosis, but rather, as an encouragement to get the professional help you deserve to get back your mental well-being in a good place.