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Lash Extensions or False Lashes for Your Wedding: Which One to Choose?

Every bride wants to look like an angel on their wedding day, and lustrous lashes are a big part of bridal beauty makeup. While there is no debate about wanting ultra-thick and beautiful lashes, which makes the eyes look wide open and give the bride the coveted innocent look, brides often cannot decide which type of lashes to choose.

Parlor-done eyelash extensions fitted by an expert cost around $150 and will last for nearly three weeks without a refill. You can apply DIY eyelashes easily in the home, as it will cost very little and last up to a week.

Silky smooth, natural-looking lashes are great to look charming on the honeymoon. When it comes to rocking Bachelorette parties and other functions, false lashes with multicolour fibres and glitters are the first choice of many brides. 

Comparing lash extensions vs. false lashes, both have their pros and cons. Lilac St. provides the best silk eyelashes suitable for brides, which blend perfectly with natural lashes. Other famous false lash brands are Eylure luxe lashes, Trish McEvoy pick-me-up lashes, and Lankiz lashes.

Parlor-done eyelash extensions

Trained lash technicians fix Silk or Mink false eyelashes onto the base of the natural lashes in the parlor. The lashes are extremely lightweight, made of real fur or high-quality synthetic fibers, blend in with the natural lashes, and give a silky-smooth finish to the eyes. It is tough to find out a person has got eyelash extension treatment because it enhances the eyes and your entire face in a very subtle and beautiful way.

Brides planning a beach honeymoon and do not want to look messed up in mascara smudges can opt for parlor lash extensions and stay hassle-free for the next three weeks. After two weeks, they can get an early refill or regular refills or remove the extensions and switch to the usual look.

Pros of eyelash extensions

  • Silky smooth finish and a very natural look
  • No need to use makeup for the next fortnight
  • Photo ready look for all the marriage parties and throughout the honeymoon

Cons of eyelash extensions

  • You cannot change the selected style for a long time
  • The cost is very high
  • The lashes might start falling off after a week or so
  • The refills are also very costly

It is wise to choose a glue that doesn’t cause allergy, free of latex or formaldehyde. If you feel discomfort while the technician is working on your eyes, let them know immediately as the process is usually painless.

DIY false lashes

DIY false lashes are easy to use and can get applied in the home with the help of glue and tweezers within 10 to 15 minutes. Several different types of looks can get created using them. Many brands like Sweed lashes, Lilac St., and Eneda imitate the exact parlor-done silk lashes look. Lilac St. false lashes made up of synthetic fibers are incredibly affordable and are more suitable for brides who look to save and have a limited make budget.

Pros of the false lashes

  • They can imitate the exact look of parlor done eyelash extensions
  • They are very affordable and can get applied within 15 minutes, and there is no need to spend hours in the parlor
  • Brides can easily remove them and try other different styles like cat-eye, doll-face, and colored lashes for various parties

Cons of false lashes

  • Buying false lashes from low-quality brands might cause allergies to the eyes.
  • Consistent application and removal every week or once in 5 days might cause the natural lashes to break up after some time.
  • Sometimes the glue might get into the eyes, cause watery eyes or some allergies. Use clear hypoallergenic adhesive or clear glue to prevent such issues while applying the lashes.

Brides should use a combination of eyelash extensions or DIY false lashes. It is better to use false lashes for all the wild nights before the marriage to the bachelorette party.

Get an appointment in the parlor and get your lash extensions done just before the wedding, as it will last until the honeymoon is over. Rock your honeymoon with an innocent, wide-eyed deer in the traffic look and switch back to using false lashes once you are back to your everyday life. Click here For the Best Strip Lash Adhesive.